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    Sat.   21-1-2017
    Weekend Brunch with the Meister
    Every weekend · All you can eat from the brunch menu · Steak, tiger prawns, pork knuckle and more with free flow beer: 168 RMB per person · Meister Braeu Live: Xingshang Linli B17, 36 Shuifang Lu, Suzhou SIP, tel. 0512 6726 9616 · Meister Braeu Brewhouse: 1 Suzhou Dadao Dong, Suzhou SIP, tel. 0512 6272 1717.  
    1月每周末,麦士堡无限量供应早午餐。牛排、虎虾、猪肘和啤酒畅饮。168元/位。详情致电:0512 6726 9616。 
    Address Shuifang Lu/地址: 苏州园区水坊路36号星尚邻里B17 
    Address SSCAC/地址: 苏州园区文化艺术中心北大门麦士堡西餐厅 
    Metro: Culture & Expo Center (SIP) exit 1 
    Sat.   21-1-2017
    O'Best Weekend Buffet Brunch
    Every Saturday and Sunday from 08:00 to 11:30 · Bread, cake, sausage, bacon, fried egg, vegetable salads, fresh fruit, fresh juice, and coffee · 48 RMB/person for adults and 28 RMB for kids · Tel. 0512 6280 4836 · O'Best Bakery, Building 2 Room 102-103, Ascendas-Xinsu Industrial Square, 5 Xinghan Jie, Suzhou SIP.
    Address/地址: 苏州园区星汉街5号腾飞新苏工业园2号楼102-103室
    Sat.   21-1-2017
    Peninsula Photography Contest
    行摄半岛 (常年)
    In January · Send original photos of Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort to to take part in the competition · Prizes for the winners · Info:
    1月,上传阳澄湖半岛原创照片于半岛度假区微博或微信并同时发送至 参加“行摄半岛”,胜出者可获奖金。 
    Sat.   21-1-2017
    Free Beer at Naughty Beer
    In January · Order any meal at Naughty Beer restaurant and bar and get a free beer · Open daily 14:00 to 02:00 · Tel. 1866 253 3088 · Two locations; Wanke: Wanke Guangchang 109A, 229 Zhongxin Dadao Xi, Suzhou SIP, and Jiulongcang: 128 Dong Shahu Lu, Suzhou SIP.
    1月,在顽啤餐厅酒吧点菜单任意菜品即送啤酒一杯。每天营业时间14:00-02:00。详情致电:1866 253 3088。
    Address Wanke/地址: 园区中新大道西229号万科美好广场109A
    Address Jiulongcang/地址: 苏州园区东沙湖路128号顽啤餐厅酒吧
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