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    Chakra yoga, meditation and energy healing
    Across the globe, many are seeking new sources of energy. Meanwhile, the most transformative energy of all is hiding in plain sight, within us. Multi-dimension yoga classes help awakening that energy.
    Music, meditation, tantric breathing and chakra yoga asana in 90mins can bring your mind absolutely calm and silent, bring you truly "in the present", improving your health, activating your self-healing system. Get into shape, strength your muscles and release body pain.
    Now available in Suzhou SIP, we charge 150RMB per person in group class progrmme. One-on-one class are also availble (charge will be 500RMB). For beginners and all levels of yogi. Lessons are available in both Chinese and Engish language.
    Different training locations can be considered according to your needs.
    If you are interested in Chakra yoga please contact Beatrice via wechat "Beatrice7784" or by e-mail at
    Beatrice Liu from Shanghai has background in body training, energy healing, traditional chinese medicine and meditation. She has more than 12 years fitness training, yoga and pilates. More than 3 years chakra energy training, breathing, meditation and proficient in detoxification, traditional chinese medicine, pain-free exercises.
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