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    Home-made Biltong for sale
    Quality South African Biltong (dried beef) and Droewors (dried sausage)
    Biltong and droewors are one of the most popular snacks back in South Africa and other parts of Africa, not easily available here in China though. Due to home-sickness, I started making my own biltong last summer and it was surprisingly welcomed among expats in China. So here I am, a full-time and professional biltong maker, providing quality South African biltong and droewors to expats and Chinese who are open enough to trying preserved and dried raw beef.
    In terms of biltong, we have traditional and chilly flavours; each selling for 400 RMB/kg. Droewors is also available in traditional and chili flavours, each selling for 480 RMB/kg. All products are vacuum sealed and shipping excluded (15-20 RMB/KG depending on delivery location).
    Interested? Then please add our WeChat (130 9532 2170) or phone to order, or simply for more information. Please note, each batch needs approximately 5-7 days to dry and another 3-4 days to be shipped to you. We strongly suggest you get your order in advance because every time a new batch is hung it all quickly gets pre-sold.
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