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Location >> Performances >> Suzhou Symphony Orchestra the Eternal Tchaikovsky | 苏州交响乐团不朽的“老柴”
    Performances >> Suzhou Symphony Orchestra the Eternal Tchaikovsky | 苏州交响乐团不朽的“老柴”
    Suzhou Symphony Orchestra the Eternal Tchaikovsky | 苏州交响乐团不朽的“老柴”
    Date/Time: March 18th 2017
    Prices: 380/280/180/120/80
    Ticketing time: Mon.- Fri. 9:00-17:00
    Ticketing Phone: 1569 512 2660 (English and Chinese)
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    Updated on: 1/3/2017 1:59:56 AM
    Ticketing Address: Room 208, Boji Shengneng Science Park, 1 Heshun Lu, Suzhou SIP
    The Suzhou Symphony Orchestra plays an all Tchaikovsky program on March 18th 2017. Program details to be announced. 
    The Suzhou Symphony Orchestra was founded with the mission of bringing high-end classical music to the citizens of Suzhou while encouraging the union between traditional Suzhou culture and Western symphonic art. 
    As the first professional orchestra in Suzhou co-founded by the city of Suzhou and the SIP, the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra will aim to brand itself as a premier arts organization that upholds the principles of international caliber, artistic excellence, community impact and cultural signature as its branding philosophy.  In its branding strategy it will work in concert with the city of Suzhou which enjoys the image of having “two faces” – the ancient civilized society and the modern energized city – which complement each other and is aptly expressed by the  single motto “the double-sided embroidered silk of Suzhou”.
    The Suzhou Symphony Orchestra is committed to becoming a culture ambassador and a champion of the arts for Suzhou.


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