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Location >> Performances >> Chang Jing Gu Zheng Concert | 常静新古典古筝音乐会
    Performances >> Chang Jing Gu Zheng Concert | 常静新古典古筝音乐会
    Chang Jing Gu Zheng Concert | 常静新古典古筝音乐会
    Date/Time: June 6th, 2017 at 19:30
    Prices: 480/380/280/180/80
    Ticketing time: Mon.- Fri. 9:00-17:00
    Ticketing Phone: 1569 512 2660 (English and Chinese)
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    Updated on: 5/17/2017 3:36:25 AM
    Ticketing Address: Room 208, Boji Shengneng Science Park, 1 Heshun Lu, Suzhou SIP
    Chang Jing is not only one of 'Four Ancient Guzheng Beauties', but also the first player of 'singing & ancient zither'. She is now ancient zither player of China Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble, independent musician, permanent royal ancient zither teacher for Thai Princess, chief performer of the movie The Love of Hawthorn Tree directed by Zhang Yimou and ancient zither soloist of Moonlit Night on Spring River on the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.
    Chang Jing focuses on ancient zither music and research for the Tang and Song poetry, and publishes many solo records. She cooperates with world-class musicians and orchestras, including Chen Qigang, Tang Muhai and L'Orchestre National de Francaise. She often participates in various large-scale performances, symphony concerts and worldwide music festivals, such as the Beijing Olympic Games Torch Relay Ceremony held in the Summer Palace.
    Change Jing integrates ancient zither, piano, percussion and other modern instruments to create unprecedented musical styles. Her music penetrates the soul so that people cannot resist to the existence. By listening to every musical note under meditation, every audience can be enchanted by unprecedented music magic and shocking power.
    Chang Jing is dedicated in performing and creating zither music. She has put out albums and EPs with record companies from the US, Taiwan, Germany and China.
    Chang Jing formed a band in 2010 to play her original music. The band consists of zither, violin, bamboo flute, piano and percussion with the fusion of Chinese music element like Kun Opera. So far, Chang Jing and her band have performed numerous concerts around the world and received positive reviews.
    常静,古筝演奏家,独立音乐人,国家一级演员,泰国公主常任古筝老师,2008 年北京奥运会开幕式《春江花月夜》演奏者。
    常静,八岁随启蒙老师龙德君学习古筝,1991 年考入中国音乐学院,先后师从李婉芬教授,邱大成教授学习古筝。她的音乐空灵唯美,如中国山水画般气韵悠长,并用现代的方式向世界介绍中国古老的文化,通过独特的演奏吟唱方式和东西方乐器的混搭,给予古筝音乐全新的诠释。在2008 年北京奥运会开幕式上演奏古筝独奏《礼乐--春江花月夜》。2013 年在中央电视台春节联欢晚会上和世界著名音乐家雅尼先生合作《琴筝和鸣》,获得广泛关注。
    常静专注于古筝演奏与创作,已在美国真音乐,台湾源动力,德国EDEL,香港雨果,中国瑞鸣等唱片公司出版《常静》,《离弦》,《彩虹之上》《筝美人》《十指弹一》《杏花天影》,《瑞鹤飞》等多部唱片,并在唱片中担任作曲,编曲,演唱,演奏,制作等工作。2015 年10 月赴希腊和当地古乐器音乐家合作一张新唱片《仙渡云霓》即将面世。
    常静曾与多位古典艺术大师合作。与指挥家洛林·马泽尔合作演出古筝协奏曲《春江花月夜》,与作曲家陈其钢,指挥汤沐海等合作陈其钢作品《蝶恋花》,由法国国家交响乐团首演,并于2015 年参加英国逍遥音乐节与BBC威尔士交响乐团合作再次上演该作品。常静也与包括雅尼,理查德德·克莱德曼,朱哲琴,等在内的多名世界优秀音乐人跨界合作流行,新纪元,摇滚,爵士等音乐。
    常静从2002 年至今受聘于泰国皇室为朱拉蓬公主殿下教授古筝,和公主殿下一起在中国和泰国多个城市成功举办六届「中泰一家亲」的古筝歌舞晚会,担任演奏,创作,策划等工作,为两国的文化交流,友好发展做出了卓越的贡献,获两国领导人的高度赞扬。


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