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Location >> Performances >> Basix aCappella Concert | 丹麦悲喜人声合唱团圣诞音乐会
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    Performances >> Basix aCappella Concert | 丹麦悲喜人声合唱团圣诞音乐会
    Basix aCappella Concert | 丹麦悲喜人声合唱团圣诞音乐会
    Date/Time: December 10th 2017 at 19:30
    Prices: 480/380/280/180/100
    Ticketing time: Mon.- Fri. 9:00-17:00
    Ticketing Phone: 1569 512 2660 (English and Chinese)
    [ SSCAC ] Grand Theatre Seating Chart
    Updated on: 9/25/2017 6:48:52 PM
    Ticketing Address: Room 208, Boji Shengneng Science Park, 1 Heshun Lu, Suzhou SIP
    With a grand total of 4 international CARA awards, including "Best European Album" and "Best Holiday Album" the Danish vocal pop group Basix has proven themselves to be among the very best of a cappella groups worldwide.
    Spanning pop, jazz, r&b, soul, and rock and blending strong original compositions with innovative arrangements of timeless songs, these six Danish vocalists continue to amaze an ever-increasing number of listeners around the world.
    Basix strong vocal performance, which runs the whole gamut of emotions has dazzled audiences in a vast number of concert halls, theaters, clubs, cafes, churches, and at conferences and private events. So far the group has given concerts in U.S.A, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Holland, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Cyprus, and every year the popularity of the group keeps growing.
    A memorable performance in the Danish precompetiton for the Eurovision Song Contest, broadcast live on national TV in the spring of 2001, kick-started the career of the six vocalists. Since their honorable second place in the competition, Basix has performed several times in the radio and on national TV. For example in "The Great Christmas Show" in 2004 and 2005, where they performed with international artists such as Gawin DeGraw, Mick Hucknall, Beth Hart and Lucie Silvas, and this has resulted in the group's current status as one of Scandinavia's premier ensembles.
    In September 2001, Basix released their debut album "The grass". Immediately the album broke into the Danish charts, and was nominated for a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA). For seven weeks it attained a placing among the ten best-selling albums in DK, a placing which, in the end, earned the members of Basix a platinum album.
    叱咤于世界阿卡贝拉界的杰出团体,拥有五座国际奖杯:拥有五座国际当代阿卡贝拉录制奖(CARA awards),包含「最佳欧语专辑」(Best European Album)、「最佳节庆专辑」(Best Holiday Album)。来自丹麦的"Basix",这个流行人声乐团证明了自己已跻身世界优秀的阿卡贝拉团体之一。


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