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Location >> Trade Fairs & Exhibitions >> Luo Yiping Ink Landscape Painting Exhibition | 罗一平水墨山水画展
    Trade Fairs & Exhibitions >> Luo Yiping Ink Landscape Painting Exhibition | 罗一平水墨山水画展
    District: Other
    Date / time: Through January 18th
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    Updated on: 1/5/2017 3:26:20 AM
    Through January 18th. 93 ink landscape paintings by the Chinese painter Luo Yiping on display at the Suzhou Art Museum. The main themes including Sanqing Shan (a mountain in Jiangxi province), Dinghu Shan (a mountain in Guangdong province) and more. Luo Yiping, a well known Chinese painting artist and a member of China Artists Association, was born in Gaoan, Jiangxi province in 1955. He graduated from the art department of Fujian Teachers University as a bachelor in 1983. And he got his D.A. (Doctor of Arts) from China Central Academy of Arts in 2000. He has been a professor of Zhongshan University and the curator of Guangdong Art Gallery. He has taken part in the 18th to 28th Asian International Art Exhibition and held solo exhibitions in Italy, Korea and other countries. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 16:00. Admission is free of charge. Tel. 0512 8228 0915 (CN). Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou Municipal Center of Public Culture, 2075 Renmin Lu, Suzhou.
    截止至1月18日,苏州美术馆展出93件罗一平创作的水墨山水画。展览主题包括三清山系列、鼎湖山系列等。罗一平,著名中国画画家、中国美术家协会委员,1955年生于江西高安。1983年于福建师范大学美术系获学士学位,2000年于中央美术学院获美术学博士学位。曾任中山大学教授、广东美术馆馆长。曾参加第18届至第28届亚洲国际艺术展,并在意大利、韩国等国家举办个展。开放时间:周二至周日09:00-16:00。免费参观。详情致电:0512 8228 0915。


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