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Location >> Sporting Events >> Dulwich Football Camp | 德威青年训练营
    Sporting Events >> Dulwich Football Camp | 德威青年训练营
    District: SIP
    Date / time: summertime
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    Updated on: 6/27/2017 1:48:27 AM
    Football Camp Tremor Sessions
    Dulwich Earthquake Tremor sessions are open to Under 7 students. Tremor sessions provide students with an introduction to key fundamental football skills under the guidance of professional coaches. Details at Tel. 0512 6295 9500. Dulwich College, 360 Gangtian Lu, Suzhou SIP. 
    苏州德威英国国际学校举行7岁以下儿童足球训练活动。专业的足球教练向孩子传授基础的足球技巧。更多信息请电邮至。电话:0512 6295 9500。


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