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    Living in China >> Buying Property in Suzhou | 苏州买房
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    Updated on: 8/16/2017 12:08:32 AM
    The three basic requirements for foreigners who want to purchase real estate in Suzhou are as follows:
    1. A person is limited to own only one piece of property, either for residence or as an office. 
    2. The applicant must have paid into the local Suzhou social insurance system for more than a year.
    3. An application must be submitted an approved before the purchase is permitted. To apply: Bring your ID, work permit, residence permit, proof of payment of personal income tax, proof that the house you are buying is for yourself to live in or use (this can be an affidavit issued by your company), and also bring a draft of the purchase contract to the Suzhou Real Estate Transaction Registration Management Center to apply to buy a house. Once approved, you can buy your house. 
    Suzhou Real Estate Transaction Registration Management Center  Tel. 0512 6900 5200 (CN) & 0512 6521 6435 (CN). Address: Real Estate Building 2F, 1058 Renmin Lu, Suzhou.
    If the house you are purchasing is in SIP, do the application needs to be done at the SIP Bureau location. Address: Xiandai Dasha 8F, 999 Xiandai Dadao, Suzhou SIP. 
    As there are many variations possible, the above is just a general outline. The Suzhou Real Estate Transaction Registration Management Center will be able to provide you with further information and requirements as regards your specific situation, as needed.
    苏州房管局(苏州市房产交易登记管理中心)电话:0512 6900 5200(CN)& 0512 6521 6435 (CN), 地址:苏州市人民路1058号房地产大厦二楼;


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