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Location >> Cultural & Charity Events >> Tai Hu Lake Cherry Blossom Festival | 太湖国际樱花节
    Cultural & Charity Events >> Tai Hu Lake Cherry Blossom Festival | 太湖国际樱花节
    District: Other
    Date / time: From March 16th to April 4th
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    Updated on: 3/15/2017 1:06:49 AM
    March 16th to April 4th. Annual International Cherry Blossom Festival at Tai Hu Lake in Wuxi. Over 30,000 cherry trees in blossom including 100 different species of cherry at the Tai Hu Lake Yuantou Zhu Scenic Zone. Ten thousand people cherry blossom dance (March 10th and 11th at 13:30, March 12th at 10:30), cherry blossom art fair, cosplay, comic con, local snacks and delicacies and more. Open every day from 08:00 to 17:30. Tickets 105 RMB. Also, the night garden will be open every day from 17:00 to 21:00. Night garden admission tickets cost 95 RMB. Tel. 0510 8555 9057 (CN). Tai Hu Yuantou Zhu Scenic Zone, Chongshan Cun, Dafu Zhen, Binhu Chu, Wuxi.
    3月16日至4月4日,无锡鼋头渚举办2017太湖国际樱花节。3万多株100余种樱花盛开。另有万人齐跳樱花舞(3月10日、11日13:30及12日10:30)、樱花创意集市、cosplay表演、漫展、当地美食及糕点展销等活动。白天门票105元,开放时间每天08:00-17:30。夜园门票95元,开放时间每天17:00-21:00。详情致电: 0510 8555 9057。
    Address/地址: 无锡市滨湖区大浮镇充山村鼋头渚景区


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