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Location >> Sporting Events >> Thousand People Fitness Yoga Workshop | 2017金鸡湖千人瑜伽展示大会
    Sporting Events >> Thousand People Fitness Yoga Workshop | 2017金鸡湖千人瑜伽展示大会
    District: SIP
    Date / time: June 10th 2017
    Previous record: 2017 UltraS Qidong International Triathlon | 2017UltraS启东国际铁人三项赛
    Next record: 2017 Wujiang 15KM & 5KM Night Run | 2017吴江15KM & 5KM路跑赛
    Updated on: 5/15/2017 10:31:35 AM
    If you've ever wanted to feel the psychic power of 1000 people all doing yoga at once, here's your chance. The 2017 Jinji Lake Thousand People Fitness Yoga Showcase is on from June 10th from 08:00 to 11:00 at Moon Harbor in the SIP.  Registration for the event is open through June 1st. Participation is limited to 1000 yoga lovers between 6 to 60 years old. The registration fee is 6.1 RMB/person, so bring along that small change! The price includes a yoga mat and a 200 RMB voucher that can be used in designated yoga studios and also other gifts. Participants are required to wear white yoga clothes and arrive before 07:30. There's a photo contest too. You can send your yoga photo to the organizer’s WeChat sz_jrq to take part in “the Most Beautiful Yoga Lover in Suzhou” contest. The WeChat registration link is There will be a trophy, medal and 2,000 RMB cash prize for the photo contest winner. Call 1735 498 1676 (CN) for more details. Event location: Moon Harbor, Jinji Lake, Suzhou SIP (next to the SSCAC culture center).
    6月10日08:00-11:00,月光码头举办千人健身瑜伽展示大会。截止至6月1日,登陆报名。限1000位6-60岁瑜伽爱好者。报名费:6.1元/位(含瑜伽垫一条、协办瑜伽馆通用储值卡劵200元及其他礼品)。要求所有参与者着白色专业瑜伽服,07:30前到场。此外,可上传瑜伽体式照至苏州伽人圈微信平台sz_jrq参加“苏州最美瑜伽人”比赛,报名链接。冠军可获奖杯、证书及2000元奖金等。详情致电:1735 498 1676。


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