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Location >> Courses and Seminars >> Abstract Order - Xiaodong and Pieter's Art Talk | 序的抽象——晓东与彼得的“对话”
    Courses and Seminars >> Abstract Order - Xiaodong and Pieter's Art Talk | 序的抽象——晓东与彼得的“对话”
    District: SIP
    Date / time: From May 14th to 26th
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    Updated on: 5/11/2017 10:05:50 PM
    The abstract painting works of Suzhou native artist Wang Xiaodong and South African artist Pieter Pienaar on exhibition at the 56 Creative Park from May 14th to 26th. Free admission. 
    Wang Xiaodong was born in Suzhou in 1964. He graduated from the Suzhou Arts and Crafts Vocational and Technical College in 1985 and began his study at the Central Academy of Fine Airts in 1997. From 2007 to 2009, he was a teacher at the Suzhou Arts and Crafts Vocational and Technical Collage. From 2008 to 2015, he was the Executive Dean of the Suzhou Oil Painting and Sculpture Institue, and the curator of the Suzhou Yucun Art Museum. He has been long engaged in the works of oil painting, sculpture and contemporary ink painting, as well as planning, organization and promotion of cultural and artistic events. 
    王晓东1964年生于江苏苏州,1985年毕业于苏州工艺美术职业技术学院,1997年就学于中央美院。2007-2009执教于苏州工艺美术技术学院,2008-2015苏州市油画雕塑院执行院长、苏州雨村美术馆馆长。苏州市雕塑协会副会长 。长期从事油画、雕塑和当代水墨的创作,并从事于文化艺术活动的策划、组织、推广工作。
    Pieter Abraham Pienaar was born in Kuruman (1964) in South Africa and grew up on a farm in the Kalahari, south of Botswana’s border. He took Art as a subject at high school but did not study it at university level, but he continued making art. He studied education and became a language teacher for a few years but his love for art made him leave teaching for a while and he started doing illustration work for a period. In 1998 he was offered a position as a primary school Art teacher and so his career as an Art teacher started. During the first two years of teaching Art he saw that some students had some behavioral changes for the better during an art lesson and then he became interested in the arts therapies. In 2008 he graduated from the University of Pretoria with a PhD in School Counselling that focused on investigating the power of the arts therapies to assist teenagers with self-insight.
    彼得·约翰内斯·比尔马亚伯拉罕皮纳尔生于南非库鲁曼 (1964), 在博茨瓦纳边境以南的卡拉哈里农场长大。高中时期的他主修艺术, 到了大学却并没有继续进修本专业, 尽管如此,他仍然持续着艺术创作。他学习了教育, 做了几年的语言老师, 而他对艺术的热爱使他暂别教学, 并开始了做了一段时间的插图工作。1998年,他被聘为小学艺术老师并开始从事此项工作。在初期的两年的艺术教学中, 他见到一些学生的行为在接受艺术课熏陶后有所改善, 这使得他对艺术疗法产生了兴趣。他于2008博士毕业于比勒陀利亚大学校咨询部, 期间专注于研究艺术疗法的力量, 帮助青少年自我认知。
    Event location: 56 Creative Park, 80 Tongyuan Lu, Suzhou SIP.


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