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Location >> Clubs to Join >> Green Drinks [Clubs] | 绿色倡议
    Clubs to Join >> Green Drinks [Clubs] | 绿色倡议
    District: SIP
    Date / time: monthly events
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    Updated on: 8/29/2017 7:06:50 AM
    Green Drinks China is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness, facilitates actions, implements projects, and stimulates change toward sustainable models of growth and consumption.In 2009, Green Drinks China (GDC) started in Shanghai as a casual get-together where environmentally-conscious professionals meet to discuss issues and exchange ideas over drinks. Green Drinks is a global network with presence in more than 600 cities around the world. In 2010, GDC began organizing monthly sustainability forums with knowledgeable guest speaker to address a wide range of environmental topics. The forums quickly became a platform for promoting ideas, sharing information and resources and forging professional collaborations. In 2012, GDC began to organize special sustainability events and workshops for a wide variety of organizations, collaborate with other local nonprofits to coordinate community activities, and accept sponsorships. 
    Upcoming events: watch this space and contact for additional details.




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