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Location >> Sporting Events >> 2017 Taihu Walkathon | 2017太湖徒步嘉年华
    Sporting Events >> 2017 Taihu Walkathon | 2017太湖徒步嘉年华
    District: Other
    Date / time: September 24th
    Previous record: Shanghai 5KM Color Run | 上海5KM彩色&音乐跑
    Next record: 2017 Shanghai International Marathon | 2017上海国际马拉松
    Updated on: 9/4/2017 6:47:16 PM
    Get walking. The two-stage Taihu Walkathon kicks off on September 24th this year with an early morning 09:15 a.m. start. The two walk routes, 10KM & 5KM both start at the Taihu International Conference Center. 
    That opening event is followed by another walk the following week, on September 27th. Starting at 09:30, the walks start at the Dongshan Hotel. 
    Registration numbers are limited: 
    10KM walk registration limited to 5,000 peopl, 5KM limited to 7,000 people, 9KM limited to 2,000 people and all limited to people under 70 years old. 
    Registration is open through September 15th at (CN), where further details can also be had for those who read Chinese. Registration automatically ends when the maximum participant cap is reached. The cost for participants is 50 RMB/person, and there will be medals for the finishers. 
    Call tel. 0512 6885 2570 (CN) for additional details.
    Event location I: Taihu International Conference Center, 128 Taihu Dadao, Taihu National Tourism Vacation Zone, Wuzhong District, Suzhou.
    Event location II: Dongshan Hotel, 39 Qiyuan Lu, uzhong District, Suzhou.
    9月24日09:15,10KM & 5KM徒步从太湖国际会议中心出发。9月27日 09:30,9KM徒步从东山国宾馆出发。10KM限5000人,5KM限7000人,9KM限2000人,均要求70岁以下。9月15日前,登陆报名。额满即止。报名费50元/位。完赛者颁发奖牌。详情致电:0512 6885 2570。
    Address/地址1:  苏州市吴中区太湖旅游度假区环太湖大道128号太湖国际会议中心
    Address/地址2: 苏州市吴中区启园路39号东山国宾馆


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