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Location >> Trade Fairs & Exhibitions >> Hanji Paper Exhibition | 韩纸精品展
    Trade Fairs & Exhibitions >> Hanji Paper Exhibition | 韩纸精品展
    District: Other
    Date / time: September 21st to November 26th
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    Updated on: 9/28/2017 7:47:02 PM
    September 21st to November 26th. 106 ancient and contemporary books, paintings and calligraphy on hanji paper (a kind of paper wildly used in ancient Korea), paper fans, as well as many other art works made of hanji paper on show at the Suzhou Museum. The history of some exhibits is more than 1000 years. Open every Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00 (no admission after 16:00). The museum is also open on Monday October 2nd. Admission free of charge. Tel. 0512 6757 5666 (CN). Special Exhibition Galleries, Suzhou Museum, 204 Dongbei Jie, Suzhou.
    9月21日至11月26日,苏州博物馆展出韩国高丽时期至当代的古籍文献、绘画书法、纸扇屏风、工艺创作等各类韩纸展品共计106件。开放时间:每周二至周日及10月2日周一09:00-17:00。免费参观。详情致电: 0512 6757 5666。


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