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Location >> Sporting Events >> 2017 Shanghai Vertical Climb Contest | 2017上海垂直登高大赛
    Sporting Events >> 2017 Shanghai Vertical Climb Contest | 2017上海垂直登高大赛
    District: Other
    Date / time: September 17th
    Previous record: 2017 Suzhou Taihu Climbing Festival | 2017苏州太湖登山节
    Next record: 2017 Taihu International Marathon | 2017太湖国际马拉松
    Updated on: 9/10/2017 10:30:14 PM
    September 17th at 08:00. 2017 Shanghai vertical climb at the Magnolia Square Office Tower. The tower is 320 meters high and it is the tallest building in Puxi. It has 69 floors and 1763 steps. Both individual registration and relay team registration are open now. A relay team is made up of 5 people and at least one opposite sex person is required in each team. Individual registration limited to 400 people (200 men and 200 women); relay team registration limited to 50 teams. Both registration types limited to people between 18 and 60 years old. Health certificate within one year is required for all individual registration contestants; presentation of a marathon or half marathon finisher certificate within the past year year, or a vertical climbing finisher certificate within one year will be accepted in lieu of a health certificate. Visit the Chinese website for registration and further details, through Sept. 10th only. Registration fee: individual registration 100 RMB/person; relay team registration 400RMB/team. Cash prizes for the winners and medals for the finishers in close time. Tel. 138 1062 3267 (CN). Event location: Magnolia Square, 501 Dong Daming Lu, North Waitan, Hongkou District, Shanghai.
    Address/地址: 上海市虹口区北外滩东大名路501号白玉兰广场
    9月17日08:00,2017上海垂直登高大赛在上海白玉兰广场办公塔楼举行。白玉兰广场办公塔楼高320米,是浦西第一高楼,共69层,1763级台阶。比赛分为个人组和团队接力组。接力组5人/组,要求每组必须有1名异性。个人组报名限400人(男女各200人),团队接力组报名限50组,年龄均限18-60周岁。个人组参赛选手要求提供一年内体检健康证明,或全程/半程马拉松完赛成绩证书,或往届国际垂直登高大奖赛完赛证书。截止至9月10日,登陆报名。额满即止。报名费:个人组100元/人;接力组400元/组。胜出者可获奖金,完赛者颁发完赛奖牌。详情致电:138 1062 3267。
    Address/地址: 上海市虹口区北外滩东大名路501号白玉兰广场
    Shanghai Metro 12 : International Passenger Transportation Center exit 2


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