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Location >> Sporting Events >> 2017 Taihu International Marathon | 2017太湖国际马拉松
    Sporting Events >> 2017 Taihu International Marathon | 2017太湖国际马拉松
    District: SND
    Date / time: December 16th
    Previous record: Victory Park Sports Facilities | 苏州维拓体育公园
    Next record: 2017 Wuxi Lihu International Half Marathon | 2017无锡蠡湖国际半程马拉松
    Updated on: 11/2/2017 6:41:13 PM
    December 16th at 08:30. 2017 Suzhou Taihu international marathon & half marathon & 5KM mini marathon start at the Suzhou Amusement Park. Full marathon limited to 6,000 people above 20 years of age and 20,000 RMB bonus for the champion; half marathon limited to 9,000 people above 16 years of age and 8,000 RMB bonus for the champion; mini marathon limited to 15,000 people whatever age. Health certificates are required. Through October 31st, visit the Chinese website for registration. The registration automatically ends when the max. participant cap is reached. 400 RMB/foreigner for registration. Close time: the full marathon 14:45; half marathon 11:30; mini marathon 09:30. Cash prizes, trophies and medals for the winners of the full marathon and half marathon, commemorative medals for the finishers. Commemorative certificates for the mini marathon participants. Tel. 0512 6958 0806 (CN). Suzhou Amusement Park, 87 Jinshan Lu, Suzhou SND.
    Address/地址: 苏州新区金山路87号苏州乐园
    12月16日08:30,2017苏州太湖国际马拉松&半程马拉松&5KM迷你马拉松在苏州乐园起跑。全程马拉松限6000人,要求年满20岁,冠军奖金20000元;半程马拉松限9000人,要求年满16岁,冠军奖金8000元;迷你马拉松限15000人,无年龄限制。要求健康证明。10月31日前登陆报名。额满即止。外籍人士报名费400元/位。关门时间:全程马拉松14:45;半程马拉松11:30;5KM迷你马拉松09:30。全程和半程马拉松胜出者颁发奖金、奖杯和奖牌,完赛者颁发完赛纪念牌。迷你马拉松参与者颁发纪念证书。详情致电:0512 6958 0806(周一至周五09:00-11:30&14:00-17:00)。
    Address/地址: 苏州新区金山路87号苏州乐园
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