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Location >> Cultural Events >> 2017 Yushan Chrysanthemum Exhibition | 2017虞山金秋菊展
    Cultural Events >> 2017 Yushan Chrysanthemum Exhibition | 2017虞山金秋菊展
    District: Other
    Date / time: Through November 18th
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    Updated on: 10/19/2017 7:37:17 PM
    Through November 18th, daily from 08:00 to 16:00. Annual chrysanthemum exhibition with 200 species of chrysanthemum in bloom. More than 10 thousand potted chrysanthemum plants on show at the Yushan Scenic Walls. Tickets 35 RMB. Tel. 0512 5222 5000 (CN). Yushan Scenic Walls, Ximen Da Jie, Yushan Tourist Resort, Yushan Town, Changshu (near Yushan Fudi).
    Address/地址: 常熟市虞山镇虞山景区西门大街古城墙(虞山福地附近)
    11月18日前每天08:00-16:00,虞山古城墙展出200余个品种万余盆菊花。门票:35元/位。详情致电: 0512 5222 5000。
    Address/地址: 常熟市虞山镇虞山景区西门大街古城墙(虞山福地附近)


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