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Location >> Cultural Events >> European Christmas Bazaar | 凯宾欧洲圣诞传统市集
    Cultural Events >> European Christmas Bazaar | 凯宾欧洲圣诞传统市集
    District: SIP
    Date / time: In November.
    Previous record: 2017 Yushan Chrysanthemum Exhibition | 2017虞山金秋菊展
    Next record: True Color Museum Tea party | 本色美术馆茶会
    Updated on: 10/30/2017 2:26:29 AM
    In November. Reserve your booth for the December 2nd Kempinski European Christmas Bazaar. Gifts, accessories, home decor, handicrafts and more. Contact Louisa at 189 1357 8637 or for details. Scan the QR to visit the website. Kempinski Hotel Suzhou, 1 Guobin Lu, Suzhou SIP.
    11月,将于12月2日举行凯宾欧洲圣诞传统市集现开始招募摊主。电话:189 1357 8637,电邮


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