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Location >> Trade Fairs & Exhibitions >> Chuhan Relics Exhibition | 楚汉精品文物展
    Trade Fairs & Exhibitions >> Chuhan Relics Exhibition | 楚汉精品文物展
    District: Other
    Date / time: Through February 28th 2018
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    Updated on: 2/2/2018 6:30:29 AM
    In February 2018. 80 ancient Chinese relics from chuhan period at the Suzhou Silk Museum. Bronze mirrors, hooks, horn combs, spinning wheels, lacquer wares, terracotta servants, silk fragments and more. 13 bronze mirrors from zhanguo and xihan dynasty attract visitors’ attention especially. The designs on the back of a mirror from xihan dynasty can be projected onto a wall in the sunlight. Open every Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 16:30. Admission free of charge. Tel. 0512 6753 6506 (CN). Suzhou Silk Museum, 2001 Renmin Lu, Suzhou.
    Address/地址: 苏州市人民路2001号苏州丝绸博物馆
    2月,苏州丝绸博物馆展出80余件楚汉时期精品文物。包括铜镜、带钩、角梳、纺轮、漆器、侍俑、丝绸残片等。其中战国、西汉时期的13面铜镜尤其引人注意。一面西汉时期的透光镜在阳光照射下,其背面的图文能映到墙上。免费参观。开放时间:周二至周日09:00-16:30。免费参观。详情致电:0512 6753 6506。
    Address/地址: 苏州市人民路2001号苏州丝绸博物馆


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