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Location >> Living in China >> New Road Traffic Regulations | 新交通法规
    Living in China >> New Road Traffic Regulations | 新交通法规
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    Updated on: 2015-1-8 14:15:09
    Be aware of the new Suzhou Regulation on Road Traffic rules that have now come into effect. Any drivers that do not follow these regulations are now fined. Whether you have an e-bike, a car, or a larger vehicle, it is best to make sure that these infringements are avoided:
    A penalty of 50 RMB for:
    1. Vehicle environmental stickers in the upper right corner of the front window.
    2. An e-bike without a license.
    3. Large gatherings of non-motor vehicles on the road. 
    4. Attaching large additional accessories on a non-motor vehicle (i.e. umbrellas)
    5. Removal of the speed limiting device in the e-bike.
    6. Pedestrians and non-motor vehicles entering the highways in the city.
    7. Left-turning vehicles not entering the waiting area when supposed to.
    8. Emergency stops without hazard lights or right-turning lights.
    A penalty of 100 RMB for:
    1. Car windows using reflective mirror shade film.
    2. Selling or buying items or distributing promotional materials in the driving lane.
    3. Using high beam lights when unnecessary (i.e. in good weather conditions or when there is street lighting during the night.)
    4. Buses temporarily entering other lanes to turn and not moving back into the bus lane.
    5. A vehicle refusing to move even when traffic accidents do not cause any injuries or deaths and the vehicle is able to move.
    A penalty of 200RMB for:
    1. Using devices that change the license plate.
    2. Not changing the license plate when the plate is deformed, damaged or faded. 
    3. Anything done to make the license plate hard to identify.
    4. Motorbikes with additional accessories (i.e. umbrellas)
    A penalty of between 200 RMB and 2,000RMB for:
    1. Motorbikes, tractors, agriculture vehicles, tracked vehicles, trucks, suspension coach cars, vehicles with test driving license numbers, and other vehicles affecting the safety of the highway entering the city highways when not supposed to.
    2. Loading and unloading on the city highways.
    3. Competitive driving on the road. 
    A penalty of between 1,000 RMB and 2,000 RMB and the revoking of the driver’s license for:
    1. Sabotaging or forging an accident scene. 
    2. Intentional destruction of evidence or presenting fake evidence.
    3. Purposely setting up road traffic accidents for illegal purposes.
    1. 未在汽车前窗右上角粘贴机动车环保标志的;
    2. 电动自行车未按照规定领取牌证上道路行驶的;
    3. 拼装的非机动车上道路行驶的;
    4. 非机动车安装棚架装置的;
    5. 拆除电动自行车原有限速装置的;
    6. 行人、驾驶非机动车进入城市快速路的;
    7. 同方向直行车辆放行时,有左转延长待转区的,左转弯车辆未依次进入待转区等待的;
    8. 临时停车未紧靠道路右侧并开启危险报警闪光灯或者右转向灯的。
    1. 汽车车窗使用镜面反光遮阳膜的;
    2. 在机动车道上兜售、购买物品或者散发宣传品的;
    3. 除遇有雨雾等恶劣气象条件外,夜间有路灯照明时,使用远光灯的;
    4. 公共汽车在临时借用其他车道转弯或者超越障碍之后,未驶回公交专用车道的;
    5. 车辆发生道路交通事故未造成人员伤亡且车辆可以行驶但未按照规定立即撤离现场的,因客观原因不能撤离现场的除外。
    1. 使用可变式、可更换号牌装置的;
    2. 使用变形、残缺、褪色及字迹模糊号牌,影响辨认,未及时申请换领的;
    3. 在车辆号牌上安装、喷涂、粘贴反光材料的;
    4. 摩托车安装棚架装置的。
    1. 摩托车、拖拉机、农用车(三轮汽车、低速载货汽车)、轮式专用机械车、履带车、载货汽车和悬挂教练车、试车号牌的车辆,以及其他影响城市快速路通行安全的车辆进入城市快速路的;
    2. 在城市快速路停车上下乘客、装卸货物的;
    3. 驾驶机动车在道路上追逐竞驶的。
    1. 破坏、伪造道路交通事故现场的;
    2. 故意毁灭证据或者提供伪证的;
    3. 为达到非法目的制造道路交通事故的。


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