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Location >> Living in China >> Getting a Drivers License in China | 外国人获取中国驾照
    Living in China >> Getting a Drivers License in China | 外国人获取中国驾照
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    Updated on: 8/15/2017 10:15:14 PM
    Unfortunately you cannot drive in China using a licence from your own country or even using an international licence, you need to get a Chinese one.  
    The process is as follows
    Go to Suzhou DMV with the following documents:
    A) Your Temporary Accommodation Registration Form with an address in Suzhou. 
    B) Residence permit issued at Suzhou or Visa that allows you to stay in China for 90 days or longer.
    C) Simple physical exam certificate which you can get at any hospital.
    D) 4 ID photos with white background (3.2cm×2.2cm). 
    E) The translation of your original driver’s license with translator's signature and company stamp of a translation company authorized by Suzhou DMV. (This will cost 250-400 RMB depending on the language.)
    After you've registered, you'll need to take the theory test on computer.  There are about 100 questions and you need to get 90% correct to pass.  The test can be done in English and other languages. Once you have registered and passed the test, your license will be given to you within 30 minutes.
    Suzhou DMV opening hours: Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:30, and Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00.
    Or, you can contact SooTour ®- Chinese Driver’s License & Car Service to have them assist you in obtaining Chinese driver’s license and buying vehicles in China. It offers Chinese driver’s license, car rental & purchase, and vehicle maintenance service to expats living in Suzhou. 
    Free consultations
    Tel: 0512 6799 3500


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