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Location >> Cultural Events >> Shantang Opera Performance | 山塘街戏曲表演
    Cultural Events >> Shantang Opera Performance | 山塘街戏曲表演
    District: Other
    Date / time: Every day
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    Updated on: 12/27/2017 2:00:38 AM
    Every day from 14:00 to 16:00, weather permitting. Jiangnan musical instrument performances on the ancient stage at Shantang Jie. Admission free of charge. Tel: 0512 6533 6516 (CN). Ancient Stage, 65 Shantang Jie, Jinchang District, Suzhou.
    每天14:00-16:00,山塘街古戏台江南乐器表演。免费观看。详情致电:0512 6533 6516
    Address/地址: 苏州市金阊区山塘街65号古戏台
    Metro 2: Metro: Shantang Jie (City) exit 1


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