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Location >> Living in China >> Where to Get Masquerade Party Costumes | ​去哪里购买化装舞会服饰
    Living in China >> Where to Get Masquerade Party Costumes | ​去哪里购买化装舞会服饰
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    Updated on: 8/15/2017 10:30:27 PM
    For those looking for a wide range of costume types, and are happy to rent instead of buy, the costume shop in the Shi Lu area has an extensive selection. (Get a taxi card to the costume shop).
    You can also find many types of costumes online at ​Taobao. Details on Taobao online shopping in the Living in China, Shopping on Taobao section of this website. ​
    If you are looking for costume accessories or decorations for a Christmas or Halloween party, you can get a limited amount of standard hats, costumes and Christmas or Halloween bits and pieces at the Auchan and Metro supermarkets as well as some of the smaller foreign stores such as Enjoy City (in many residential establishments). Check out the local foreign stores in your area. 


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