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Location >> Living in China >> Taxi App Instructions | 用快的和滴滴打车
    Living in China >> Taxi App Instructions | 用快的和滴滴打车
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    Updated on: 3/8/2017 12:42:53 AM
    Tired of waiting at the side of the road in the rain for a taxi?  Would like to call a cab, but you don't speak Chinese? An alternative to both is the taxi app.  Although the app is in Chinese it can be navigated by someone who doesn't have the language with a bit of practice.  We've put together instructions with pictures for one of the taxi apps to help you get started.
    Kuaidi (快的打车)
    iOS: Download via App Store.
    Android: Download via Google Play or download the apk file.
    Below are pictures from the iOS version. The Android version is basically the same. 
    Open the app for the first time and swipe through the intros until you get to this screen below. It’s a map showing your current location with two buttons at the bottom. First thing you need to do is to sign up. Press the words “一键登录” on the top right corner of the screen. 
    Now you are on the sign-up screen. To sign up, you’ll need to enter your Chinese mobile number. Then press the words “获取验证码” to get a verification text code sent to your mobile. 
    Enter the verification code you just received. 
    Now you are all set. There are two buttons at the bottom meaning “Get taxi now” (现在用车) and “Reservation” (预约). 
    Let’s go through the yellow “Reservation” button first. Below is a reservation screen that comes up after you press the yellow reservation button.
    Press “什么时候出发” to select a time you want to use the taxi. You can only make a reservation for today or tomorrow. “今天” means today and “明天” means tomorrow. Then press the green “确定” to confirm or “取消” on the left to cancel. 
    Next you’ll need to enter your starting location and destination. Now this is a bit tricky if you don’t speak Chinese as the input is in Chinese only. Have a Chinese friend help you or if you normally come and go from the same places you can save the destinations you normally use and copy and paste them in. Once you are ready press the green button at the bottom to confirm. And then wait for the driver to confirm, normally within seconds. Congratulations, you have successfully ordered a taxi for a set time.
    Now,  let’s go back to the beginning and look at how to order a taxi right away. On the home page  press the big green button which means “Get taxi now”.
    You’ll be asked to input your destination in Chinese. The app will store all previous locations. It might be wise to search for all your places of interest in one setting while a Chinese-speaking friend is available to help, and then you’ll only need to select the location when doing it yourself. 
    After your destination is set, press the big green button at the bottom to confirm. 
    Then wait for the driver to reply to your request. It might take a while depending on how many taxis are in the vicinity. 
    Didi (滴滴打车)
    iOS: Download via App Store.
    Android: Download the apk file.
    This is pretty much the same deal. The two companies even merged back in February 2015. 
    First thing to do is to sign up. 
    Enter your mobile number and you’ll receive a verification code. 
    After signing up, you’ll go back to the screen where there’s a map showing your current location and how many taxis are around you. Press the input box at the bottom of the screen to enter your destination. 
    Now this screen. The three little icons above the orange confirm button mean, respectively, from left to right, “Tip” (meaning you are willing to pay extra, therefore more competitive if the taxis are scarce), “Willing to wait a bit” and “Notes to the driver” (you can put in a sweet word so that the driver might like you, therefore more competitive, or mention other details). Finally you press the big orange confirm button and wait for the driver to reply. 
    The icon beside the input box on the initial screen means “Reservation”. This is the reservation screen. 


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