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Location >> Things to Do >> Anji Xian Shan Valley Whitewater Rafting | 安吉仙山谷激情皮筏漂流
    Things to Do >> Anji Xian Shan Valley Whitewater Rafting | 安吉仙山谷激情皮筏漂流
    District: Other
    Date / time: daily
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    Updated on: 8/14/2017 8:54:29 PM
    Whitewater Rafting group tours are offered daily, but sign-up is at least 3 days in advance. Cost for the one-day tour is 320 RMB/person including transport, all equipment and insurance. Note that minimum group size of 10 people. There are significant discounts for larger groups
    06:45-07:00  wait for the bus at the designated location
    07:00-10:30  leave for Anji in air conditioned bus
    10:30-11:30  lunch / snack (bring your own) and load rafts
    12:00-14:30  whitewater rafting begins, 2 people per raft. 3.6 kilometers rafting, 53-meter altitude drop. The route includes 8 pools, 8 risks and 18 bays with a total of 12 different themed areas and the whitewater section takes about 1.5 hours followed by approx 1 hour of slower drifting downstream with the current.
    15:00  arrive at the pick-up area, facilities for showers and changing clothes available
    15:00--18:30  return to Suzhou
    Group discount prices:
    30-33 people/group: 150 RMB/person
    40-45 people/group: 140 RMB/person 
    50-53 people/group: 135 RMB/person
    Call 181 0154 6753 (CN) to book the tour. The travel agency will have a bus to pick you up after payment is made and the date is confirmed. 
    Transportation: air conditioned buses are provided
    Tickets: The rafting price includes admission to the Xianshan Valley scenic zone national park, value of 138 RMB/ person
    Lunch: bring your own (for groups of 30 people or more, the agency can order lunch for the group)
    Tour guide: Chinese tour guide with guide certificate
    Insurance: Liability up to 800 thousand RMB/person is included, travel agency liability insurance
    Note:  children under 1.3 meters and people above 60 years old are not permitted on the rafts
    06:45-07:00  指定地点集中,候车
    07:00-10:30  乘空调BUS赴安吉
    10:30-11:30  中餐自理,开始漂流准备
    12:00-14:00  仙山谷皮筏漂流,2人一筏开始游玩,惊险刺激。漂流水道3.6公里,全程落差53米,需时约1.5小时, 途经八潭八险十八湾,领略水帘洞天、神龙出岫、激流勇进、鲤鱼跳龙门、飞龙在天等十二主题区。整个漂流过程急缓有续,融合了惊险、刺激、浪漫、激情与奇趣。
    14:00--15:00 漂流下游冲凉,换衣服.
    15:00--18:30 返回指定地点,行程结束
    预定请拨打181 0154 6753,签约支付成功并确定日期之后,旅行社将安排大巴。
    用餐:中餐自理(可代办,30人起 每桌十人)


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