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Location >> Things to Do >> Koolfly Trampoline Park | 苏州酷跳蹦床体育公园
    Things to Do >> Koolfly Trampoline Park | 苏州酷跳蹦床体育公园
    District: SND
    Date / time: Every day in October
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    Updated on: 11/19/2017 9:50:50 PM
    Koolfly Trampoline Park, the first trampoline park in Suzhou, is open. It has over 40 trampolines imported from the USA, including inclined trampolines and koolfly platforms. In addition, there are slides, dodge ball, slam dunk, sponge pool, a koolfly party room and more.
    Admission fees and opening hours 
    Opening hours: daily 09:30-21:00.
    Tickets: 88 RMB per person per hour, available at the door. Visit the Chinese website for tickets with group and other discount options: 78 RMB per person per hour for the first-time ticket purchasers;128 RMB for 1 adult and 1 child per hour; 148 RMB for 2 adults per hour. 
    Member tickets: membership cards cost 500 RMB or 1,000 RMB and then 50 RMB/time (per person per hour on weekends and per person/two hours on weekends)
    Special points of interest
    Trampoline, slide, dodge ball, slam dunk, sponge pool, koolfly party room etc.
    Address, phone / contact person:
    47 Yunhe Road, Suzhou SND (50 meters west of Le Jia Hui Square)
    Tel: 0512 6812 1590 (CN)
    电话:0512 6812 1590
    Map to Koolfly Trampoline Park:


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