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What's ON in Suzhou
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    Living in China
    District: Other
    Synopsis: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows | 杨家桥天主堂(七苦圣母堂) Address: 90 Sanxiang Lu, Suzhou (northwest of Lianxiang Bridge) Address for taxi / 地址: 苏州三香路90号杨家桥天主堂(莲香桥西北) Tel: 0512 6866 1113      Chongyuan Temple | 重元寺 [SIP] Address: 333 Ciyun Lu, Yangcheng Hu Peninsula, Suzhou SIP. Address for taxi/地址:苏州园区阳澄湖半岛慈云路333号重元寺 Tel: 0512 6289 0886 (CN) Chongyuan Temple website ...[Read more]
    District: Other
    Synopsis: Items left in taxis: Suzhou taxis have a lost and found number that you can call to retrieve items that you have left in a taxi. You'll need to have your taxi receipt (fapiao) that has information about your journey on it, so as a precaution it's always good to ask the driver for a 'fapiao' before you get out of the taxi.  You  can choose one of three numbers to call  6777 6777, 9...[Read more]
    District: Other
    Synopsis: When you call a taxi on 6777 6777 the driver gives you his licence plate number so you'll know when he/she arrives. It can happen that another taxi will pass by at about the same time you are expecting the ordered one and you may get in without checking the licence plate.  Generally you will then get a call from the ordered taxi asking where you are. The result of this is that your phone numb...[Read more]
    District: SIP
    Synopsis: The new red retro buses that you see around town, are the new tourist buses, that ferry tourist around town, conveniently stopping at the top attractions. The buses have wifi, and a multi language video system that introduces the tourist spots, and the buses themselves do of course use clean energy.   You can have unlimited travel with the handy one-day pass for 15 RMB, a two-day pass for...[Read more]
    District: --
    Synopsis: Chang Ban Po Teppanyaki Days: Every day Time: All day What: Get a free beer for each guest who dines at the Chang Ban Po Teppanyaki Get a taxi card to Chang Ban Po Teppanyaki    Ganesh Indian Restaurant & Bar Days: Every day Time: 21:00 to 22:00 What: Buy one get one free on select beers and cocktails for pre-paid card holders. 12% off F&B for WOIS read...[Read more]
    District: SIP
    Synopsis: Internet at Home There are two main places where you can get your internet from in Suzhou.   Option 1: New home internet packages are available at Telecom with faster options and cheaper prices.  If you are currently on a Telecom package you may switch to one of the below and avoid the 'Broadband Access Fee' that is charged to new users. However, you will need to pay the fee for br...[Read more]
    District: Other
    Synopsis: The process of freezing your mobile account with the  three different operators is basically the same.    First of all you need to call 10086-# (China Mobile for English operators), 10010-0 (China Unicom for operators, no English service) or 10000-0 (China Telecom for operator, no English service). Tell the operator your phone number and ask them to freeze your account. Your  ...[Read more]
    District: City
    Synopsis: There are now more than 36,000 green bikes up and running in Suzhou and more than 1,600 pick up/drop off points around town. You can see an overview here. You can ride the bikes for up to 60 minutes free of charge. All you need to access the bikes is a special bike card or add the feature to your Suzhou Citizen Card.   How do I get the card? In Suzhou which includes the SIP, SND and othe...[Read more]
    District: --
    Synopsis: Ticket Fare: 84 RMB Tickets available at the bus stops only.  In advance or on the day.  No online or phone bookings possible   Taxi Card for downtown stop: Airport Bus Downtown Stop | 机场大巴市区站 Address: Suzhou Railway Station North Plaza, 27 Chezhan Lu, Suzhou. Address for taxi/地址:苏州车站路27号苏州火车站北广场 Metro Line 2: Suzhou Railway Station exit 1   Taxi Card for SIP stop:...[Read more]
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