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    Synopsis: Be aware of the new Suzhou Regulation on Road Traffic rules that have now come into effect. Any drivers that do not follow these regulations are now fined. Whether you have an e-bike, a car, or a larger vehicle, it is best to make sure that these infringements are avoided:   A penalty of 50 RMB for: 1. Vehicle environmental stickers in the upper right corner of the front window. 2. An e-b...[Read more]
    District: SIP
    Synopsis: Fresh dairy delivery is a popular service in Suzhou. There are three dairies that do home delivery: Guang Ming, Shuang Xi and Yun Lan. If you call them and tell them your address and phone number, they will go to your house and you can place your order with them; i.e. tell them what products you want and how often. Fresh milk and yoghurt are on offer and and you need to pay in advance each month. ...[Read more]
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    Synopsis: The Suzhou Citizen card, previously known as the Suzhou Tong Card, is a handy card that can be used in a variety of ways.   Both foreigners and Chinese (local and non-local) are all able to use their cards for the following functions l  Paying for the metro with 5% discount l  Paying for buses with 40% discount l  Paying for the Tram with 30% discount l&nbs...[Read more]
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