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Location >> Cineplex >> A Dog's Purpose | 一条狗的使命
    Cineplex >> A Dog's Purpose | 一条狗的使命
    A Dog's Purpose | 一条狗的使命 7.8
    Premiered in Suzhou on: 3/3/2017
    Director:  Lasse Hallström【莱塞·霍尔斯道姆】
    Actors:  Britt Robertson/Dennis Quaid/Peggy Lipton/Josh Gad【布丽特·罗伯森/丹尼斯·奎德/佩吉·利普顿/乔什·盖德】
    Genre:  冒险/喜剧/剧情
    Type:  2D
    Language:  英语
    Length:  120min
    Updated on: 3/2/2017
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