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City Calendar | What's ON in Suzhou
City Calendar
What's ON in Suzhou
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Kempinski Hotel Suzhou | 凯宾斯基大酒店
Parkway Health | 百汇医疗
Re-Music Studio | 睿音音乐工作室
Suzhou On That Beat
Dragonfly | 悠庭保健会所
LL Dental | 朝霞口腔
Caffe Florian
SooTour | 苏途商务
SSIS | 苏州新加坡国际学校
Ann's Lakeside Restaurant | 安的英式餐厅
O’Best Bakery | 欧贝司烘焙
MandarinHouse | 美和汉语
China Ink | 东方印客
Ganesh | 甘尼仕印度餐厅和酒吧
Cherry Story Store | 樱之桃超市
Shin Kong Place | 新光天地
Victoria Kindergarten
Naughty Beer | 顽啤
SS Dental Clinic | 舒迪凯齿科
Kangpai Wushu and Fitness Club
Velluto | Velluto意大利餐厅
Dulwich College Suzhou | 苏州德威英国国际学校
Chang Ban Po Teppanyaki | 长板坡铁板烧
Hyatt Regency | 苏州凯悦酒店
EtonHouse International School-Suzhou
PITS | 苏州职工青旅
Euro-Mart | 欧麦德进口超市
Link Real Estate | 邻客房地产
New Concept Mandarin | 新理念中文
Prima Craft Coffee
Novotel | 苏州文博诺富特酒店
Sherpa’s | Sherpa’s送餐服务
Thurs.  5-1-2017
Gourmet wines & ingredients market and Chinese and western restaurants, including Florian, Mammamia, Tasty Monster, Qin Shi Xiao Chu and more at the Sky Kitchen gourmet food court on the 7th floor of Shin Kong Place · Info. 0512 8078 8888 ext. 5670 · Shin Kong Place Suzhou, 456 Suzhou Dadao Dong, Suzhou SIP.
新光天地7楼天空厨房供应美酒和美食,和多家中西餐厅,包括吗吗咪呀、秦石小厨等等。详情致电:0512 8078 8888。
Address/地址: 苏州园区苏州大道东456号新光天地
Metro: Times Square (SIP) exit 4
Thurs.  5-1-2017
Through January 15th · 60 landscape oil paintings by Jin Wei, Zhang Hualiu and Zheng Yingfeng at the Ming Gallery of Art · Open every day from 10:00 to 17:30 · Admission is free of charge · Tel. 0512 6818 3890 (CN) · Ming Gallery of Art, Ligong Di IV Bldg. 15, Suzhou SIP. 截止于2017年1月15日,明美术馆举办塞北江南——金纬、张骅骝、郑英锋油画作品展。展出三位画家以中国南方及北方风景为题材的60幅油画作品。日常开放时间:10:00-17:30。
Address/地址: 苏州园区李公堤四期15幢明美术馆
Thurs.  5-1-2017
January 5th to 8th at 19:30 · Award-winning Slava's Snowshow comes to Suzhou · A timeless family classic · Matinee performances on the 7th and 8th at 14:00 · Tickets from 100 to 880 RMB · Call 1569 512 2660 (EN&CN) for booking with free delivery in designated areas. 
1月5日-8日19:30,苏州文化艺术中心上演惊世巨作。荣获多项国际奖项。适合全家观看。7日和8日14:00上演下午场。票价100-880元。购票热线:1569 512 2660,指定范围内免费送票。 
Performance/演出地址: 苏州园区观枫街1号苏州文化艺术中心 
Ticketing/购票地址: 苏州园区和顺路1号博济生能科技园208室 
Metro: Culture & Expo Center (SIP) exit 1
Every Thursday    
Every Thursday from 20:30 · Live comedy in the SIP · Open Mic · Contact if you would like to perform · Event location: Camel Bar, 188 Xinghai Jie, Suzhou SIP. 
1月每周四20:30起, 骆驼酒吧现场喜剧表演。现场观众可参与互动。如需表演请联系。 
Address/地址: 苏州园区星海街188号B1骆驼酒吧 
Metro: Xinghai Square (SIP) exit 3 
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