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SSIS | 苏州新加坡国际学校
PITS | 苏州职工青旅
Kempinski Hotel Suzhou | 凯宾斯基大酒店
Link Real Estate | 邻客房地产
Crowne Plaza | 中茵皇冠假日酒店
Stray Asia | 流浪东南亚
Pan Pacific Hotel | 苏州吴宫泛太平洋酒店
New Concept Mandarin | 新理念中文
Velluto | Velluto意大利餐厅
Parkway Health | 百汇医疗
Tonino Lamborghini | 苏州托尼洛兰博基尼书苑酒店
China Ink | 东方印客
Dragonfly | 悠庭保健会所
Euro-Mart | 欧麦德
Hyatt Regency | 苏州凯悦酒店
C2C Movers
Mortons Grille | 莫尔顿扒房
InterContinental Suzhou | 苏州洲际酒店
Blue Marlin | 蓝枪鱼
SooTour | 苏途商务
Sat.  16-12-2017
Every day in December 09:00 to 17:00 · VR bar, ocean ball house, mushroom street and more forest-themed fun at Forest Town · 60 RMB for adults; 30 RMB for children · Tel. 0512 6871 7214 (CN) · Suzhou Amusement Land Forest Town, corner of Yangshan Dong Lu and Shanshen Wan Lu, Suzhou SND · Scan the QR to get a taxi card.
12月每天09:00-17:00,苏州乐园森林小镇开放。门票:60元/位;1.2米以下儿童免费。电话:0512 6871 7214。
Address/地址: 苏州新区阳山东路和山神湾路交汇处
Sat.  16-12-2017
Bring your What's ON in Suzhou to the Ganesh Indian Restaurant and Bar and get a free Hookah round for your table (68 RMB value), your selection of flavors · Tel. 0512 6956 9808 · Scan QR for taxi card · Ganesh Xietang: 10 Xietang Laojie, 1088 Songtao Jie, Suzhou SIP · Ganesh Moon Harbor: C3 Moon Harbor, Suzhou SIP. 
12月,带上《城市月历》到甘尼仕印度餐厅两家店消费即可获赠价值68元的阿拉伯水烟一壶。详情致电:0512 6956 9808。
Address/地址: 园区松涛街1088号斜塘老街10号甘尼仕印度餐厅
Moon Harbor/地址: 苏州园区月光码头C3栋甘尼仕印度餐厅酒吧
Metro: Culture & Expo Center (SIP) exit 2
Sat.  16-12-2017
December 16th from 19:00 to 21:00 · Masterpiece Christmas Concert at Gallery 4 · Expat band plays Christmas favorites · Winter Wonderland party, gifts, stories, refreshments, White Elephant Game and more · Admission 150 RMB/person and 125 RMB/person for two · Call 0512 6741 4459 (EN & CN) to book tickets or buy tickets at the door · Gallery 4, Dahu Chengbang Business Center B106, Block 297, 2 Xingzhou Jie, Suzhou SIP.
12月16号19:00-21:00,微展览肆举办“杰作之夜”圣诞音乐会。驻苏外国乐队、英文圣诞热门曲目、冬季圣诞仙境系列派对、白象游戏及精美礼物、圣诞故事、美味小吃等。门票150元/位;两人同去,125元/位 。致电0512 6741 4459订票或现场购票。
Address/地址: 苏州园区星洲街2号297幢大湖城邦商业中心B区106室微展览肆画廊
Every Saturday    
Link Real Estate now has both English and Japanese-speaking agents · House hunting, full-service moves · Call / WeChat 137 7196 4652 or scan the QR to contact Chris · Link Real Estate, Xin Tianxiang Guangchang A1807, 388 Suya Lu, Suzhou SIP.
邻客房地产提供英语和日语的服务。租房子、搬家,请联系137 7196 4652(手机、微信)。扫描二维码关注微信。
Address/地址: 苏州园区苏雅路388号新天翔商业广场A座1807室
Every Saturday    
Every Saturday in December at 10:30 · Free demo lessons with foreign teachers · Snacks served · Advance RSVP needed · Call 173 2724 1121 or scan the QR for WeChat booking · Rainforest Baby, Wanke Linglong Dongqu Bldg. 24 Rm. 203, 198 Dongshahu Lu, Suzhou SIP.
12月每周六10:30,雨林宝贝开设亲子外教课活动。并有精美的小点心品尝。请提前预约。电话:0512 6275 8831。
Address/地址: 苏州园区东沙湖198号万科玲珑东区24幢203室
Every Saturday    
Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon · Christmas sweet and savoury seasonal treats accompanied by sparkling or hot mulled wine, plus panoramic views of Jinji Lake and the Suzhou skyline · 328 RMB+15% per set · Tel. 0512 6285 8888 ext. 6578 · Sky Lounge, InterContinental Suzhou 27F, 288 Wang Dun Lu, Suzhou SIP. 
12月每周六及周日,洲际酒店Sky Lounge推出圣诞天际下午茶。圣诞甜点,配上起泡酒或热红酒。每套价格328元+15%服务费。
Address/地址: 苏州园区旺墩路288号洲际酒店Sky Lounge
Metro: Times Square (SIP) exit 1
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