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Stray Asia | 流浪东南亚
Pan Pacific Hotel | 苏州吴宫泛太平洋酒店
Velluto | Velluto意大利餐厅
Parkway Health | 百汇医疗
Dragonfly | 悠庭保健会所
Euro-Mart | 欧麦德
Hyatt Regency | 苏州凯悦酒店
Mortons Grille | 莫尔顿扒房
Blue Marlin | 蓝枪鱼
SooTour | 苏途商务
SSIS | 苏州新加坡国际学校
PITS | 苏州职工青旅
Link Real Estate | 邻客房地产
Crowne Plaza | 中茵皇冠假日酒店
New Concept Mandarin | 新理念中文
Tonino Lamborghini | 苏州托尼洛兰博基尼书苑酒店
China Ink | 东方印客
C2C Movers
InterContinental Suzhou | 苏州洲际酒店
Kempinski Hotel Suzhou | 凯宾斯基大酒店
Thurs.  22-6-2017
June wine specials at the Cherry Story Store · Brown Brothers Moscato 118 RMB/bottle, get a second half price · Rawson's Retreat Semillon Sauvignon Blanc for 49 RMB/bottle · Call 1813 605 8899 for details · Cherry Story Store, Global 188 Building 3 B101, 88 Suhui Lu, Suzhou SIP. (basement, entrance east of Costa Coffee)
6月,布朗兄弟莫斯卡托甜白118元/瓶,第二瓶半价。洛神山庄赛美蓉长相思干白49元/瓶。详情致电:1813 605 8899。
Address/地址: 苏州园区苏惠路88号环球财富广场3幢B101室
Metro: Xinghai Square (SIP) exit 1
Thurs.  22-6-2017
Two-day Beijing trip including Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and the Great Wall · From 2,880 RMB per person · Tel. 1370 620 2784 or e-mail · Suzhou Professionals International Travel Service, Yinhai Dasha 402A, 399 Ganjiang Xi Lu, Suzhou.
6月每天,苏州职工国际旅行社发散团,两日畅游天安门广场、紫禁城、长城等。2880元/位起。详情致电:1370 620 2784。
Address/地址: 苏州干将西路399号银海大厦402A职工国际旅行社
Metro: Yangyu Xiang (City) exit 1
Thurs.  22-6-2017
In June · Package for the whole body includes a 60-min. de-stress massage, 40-min. natural beauty body scrub, and a 5-min. foot ritual · 998 RMB plus 15% service charge and tax · Call 0512 6983 1016 for details · Yue Spa, Hyatt Regency Suzhou, 88 Huachi Jie, Suzhou SIP.
6月,苏州凯悦酒店悦水疗推出“春宛若新生”水疗套餐。包含六十分钟深层组织按摩、四十分钟“天然之美”去角质和五分钟舒心足浴。价格998元+15%服务费/位。详情致电:0512 6983 1016。
Address/地址: 苏州园区华池街88号苏州凯悦酒店悦水疗
Metro: Times Square (SIP) exit 3
Thurs.  22-6-2017
In June · Special children's menu at the Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Library Al Fresco restaurant · Healthy food for kids, indoor and outdoor playgrounds · Tel. 0512 6285 9999 ext. 69 · Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou, 168 Xinggang Jie, Suzhou SIP. 
6月,苏州托尼洛·兰博基尼书苑酒店Al Fresco餐厅特别推出儿童菜单。该酒店提供各色健康儿童美食及室内、室外儿童乐园。
Address/地址: 园区星港街168号苏州托尼洛·兰博基尼书苑酒店
Metro: Dongfang Zhimen (SIP) exit 4
Thurs.  22-6-2017
In June · Shin Kong Place 2nd anniversary celebration with all kinds of special deals at the Shin Kong Place 7th fl. Sky Kitchen gourmet food court · Call 0512 8078 8888 for details, or stop in at Shin Kong Place, 456 Suzhou Dadao Dong, Suzhou SIP. 
6月,新光天地二周年庆。来7楼天空厨房探索不同的庆祝方式。详情致电:0512 8078 8888转3063。
Address/地址: 苏州园区苏州大道东456号新光天地 
Metro: Times Square (SIP) exit 4
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