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Velluto | Velluto意大利餐厅
SooTour | 苏途商务
Mortons Grille | 莫尔顿扒房
SSIS | 苏州新加坡国际学校
Blue Marlin | 蓝枪鱼
Crowne Plaza | 中茵皇冠假日酒店
InterContinental Suzhou | 苏州洲际酒店
Link Real Estate | 邻客房地产
New Concept Mandarin | 新理念中文
Kempinski Hotel Suzhou | 凯宾斯基大酒店
China Ink | 东方印客
Euro-Mart | 欧麦德
Hyatt Regency | 苏州凯悦酒店
Pan Pacific Hotel | 苏州吴宫泛太平洋酒店
PITS | 苏州职工青旅
Dragonfly | 悠庭保健会所
Parkway Health | 百汇医疗
Tonino Lamborghini | 苏州托尼洛兰博基尼书苑酒店
C2C Movers
Stray Asia | 流浪东南亚
Wed.  6-9-2017
Every day in September · Ten different flavours of homemade ice cream created by pastry chef Leo Lei at the Kempinski Hotel Suzhou · 25 RMB net each · Scan the QR to visit the website or call 0512 6289 7888 ext. 6504 · Lobby Lounge, Kempinski Hotel Suzhou, 1 Guobin Lu, Suzhou SIP.
9月每天,凯宾斯基大酒店美食廊推出创意甜品大师雷师傅打造的10余款口味自制手工冰激凌。详情致电:0512 6289 7888转6504。
Address/地址: 苏州园区国宾路1号凯宾斯基大酒店美食廊
Wed.  6-9-2017
Registration is now open for this year's October 28th Amazing Race at the Suzhou Singapore International School · 800 RMB per team of 3-4 players · Total of 25 teams · Registration closes September 29th·
E-mail for details·Suzhou Singapore International School, 208 Zhongnan Jie, Suzhou SIP
Address/地址: 苏州园区钟南街208号苏州新加坡国际学校
Metro: Zhongnan Jie (SIP) exit 2
Wed.  6-9-2017
Every Wednesday in September · Family friendly LL Dental offers 50% off fluoride treatment (full price 200 RMB) · 20% off on other days · Advance appointments necessary · Call 0512 6273 0598 to make an appointment · Scan the QR for a taxi card to LL Dental · Jingcheng Neighborhood Center F422, 65 Jiuhua Lu, Suzhou SIP.
9月每周三,朝霞口腔推出涂氟半价优惠(原价200元)。非周三8折优惠。需提前预定,预定请拨打0512 6273 0598。
Address/地址: 苏州园区九华路65号景城邻里中心F422朝霞口腔
Metro: Xinghu Jie (SIP) exit 3
Every Wednesday    
Every day in September from 14:00 to 17:00 · Dessert buffet includes tiramisu, cheesecake, fruit tarts, puffs, brownies, fruits, coffee, tea and more · 128 RMB/net · Children up to 12 half price when accompanied by an adult · Tel. 0512 6289 7888 ext. 6521 · Lobby Lounge, Kempinski Hotel Suzhou, 1 Guobin Lu, Suzhou SIP.
Address/地址: 苏州园区国宾路1号凯宾斯基大酒店美食廊
Every Wednesday    
In September · Get free flow Coke/Sprite/Fanta when you spend more than 25 RMB on lunch or dinner at the Euro-Mart Shuifang Lu Food Court · Get free flow Nestle Sjora smoothies when you spend more than 30 RMB · Tel. 0512 6595 1136 · Euro-Mart, Block 17, 36 Shuifang Lu, Suzhou SIP.
Address/地址: 苏州园区水坊路36号B17欧麦德进口食品超市
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