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Dragonfly | 悠庭保健会所
SooTour | 苏途商务
Euro-Mart | 欧麦德
Hyatt Regency | 苏州凯悦酒店
Crowne Plaza | 中茵皇冠假日酒店
Stray Asia | 流浪东南亚
SSIS | 苏州新加坡国际学校
C2C Movers
Pan Pacific Hotel | 苏州吴宫泛太平洋酒店
China Ink | 东方印客
PITS | 苏州职工青旅
New Concept Mandarin | 新理念中文
Mortons Grille | 莫尔顿扒房
Velluto | Velluto意大利餐厅
Parkway Health | 百汇医疗
InterContinental Suzhou | 苏州洲际酒店
Tonino Lamborghini | 苏州托尼洛兰博基尼书苑酒店
Kempinski Hotel Suzhou | 凯宾斯基大酒店
Link Real Estate | 邻客房地产
Blue Marlin | 蓝枪鱼
Mon.  19-2-2018
February 19th at 23:00 · Traditional Chinese New Year God of Wealth reception ceremony · Followed by God of Wealth royal procession parade on February 20th at 08:30 · Admission 20 RMB · Tel. 0512 6777 5479 (CN) · Xuanmiao Temple, 94 Guanqian Jie Pedestrian Zone, Suzhou
2月19日23:00及20日08:30,观前街玄妙观分别举行迎财神和财神法会活动。门票: 20元/张。详情致电: 0512 6777 5479。
Address/地址: 苏州观前街94号玄妙观
Chayuan Chang exit 2 (Gusu)
Mon.  19-2-2018
Every Monday - Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 · 30% lunch at all three Blue Marlin locations · Get the full lunch for just 30% of the original price · Order any lunch dish and get a free soft drink and salad to go with it · A free cup of free tea for all guests · Tel. 0512 6288 9676. 
Xinghai Square (SIP) exit 2
Mon.  19-2-2018
In February · See the city lights in a 1-hour night boat cruise along the Grand Canal with a Chinese folk ballad-singing performance · 120 RMB per person · Book at tel. 137 0620 2784 or e-mail · Suzhou Professionals International Travel Service, Yinhai Dasha 402A, 399 Ganjiang Xi Lu, Suzhou.
2月每天,苏州职工国际旅行社推出一小时夜游古运河项目。120元/位。详情致电:137 0620 2784。
Address/地址: 苏州干将西路399号银海大厦402A苏州职工国际旅行
Yangyu Xiang (City) exit 1
Mon.  19-2-2018
Every day in February from 10:00-24:00 · Garden Lounge launches daily theme dishes·Order a selected theme dish and get an additional exclusive drink or free surprise · Call 0512 6510 3388 ext. 8591 · Garden Lounge, Pan Pacific Suzhou 2F, 259 Xin Shi Lu, Suzhou.
2月每天10:00-24:00,吴宫泛太平洋酒店萃英廊点选菜单上不同主题食品可获赠指定饮品和优惠。详情致电:0512  6510 3388转8591。
Address/地址: 苏州市新市路259号苏州吴宫泛太平洋酒店萃英廊 
Nanmen (City) exit 1
Every Monday    
Every Monday in February from 10:00 to noon except the 19th of Feb.·EAS casual get together for coffee and a chat·E-mail: for details·Event open to all expats·Scan the QR to visit the EAS website·New Location: Bunny Drop, Moon Harbour C5, Moon Marina, Suzhou.
Address/地址: 苏州园区月光码头C5商铺 
Culture and Expo Center (SIP) exit 2
Every Monday    
Every working day in February 11:30 - 14:30·88 RMB for 3 courses and 128 RMB for 4 courses of authentic Italian food with Illy coffee·Closed Feb. 15th-17th · Tel. 0512 6275 6260 · Velluto Italian Kitchen, Ligong Di IV Bldg. 6, Suzhou SIP.
2月每工作日11:30-14:30,Velluto意大利餐厅推出88元3道菜和128元4道菜的午间套餐。包括Illy咖啡。详情致电:0512 6275 6260。
Address/地址: 苏州园区李公堤4期6幢Velluto意大利餐厅
Every Monday    
Every Monday · Select oyster sampling at Morton's Grille Suzhou · Six oysters for 188 RMB + 10% service charge·Contact LuLu at tel. 0512 8718 8886 for details or scan the QR to follow Morton's WeChat · Morton's Grille at the Summit S1-01, 119 Suzhou Dadao Xi, Suzhou SIP.
每周一,莫尔顿扒房半打生蚝特惠价188元。另需10%服务费。电话:0512 8718 8886。
Address/地址: 苏州园区苏州大道西119号苏悦广场南楼S2-01
Xinghai Square (SIP) exit 2
Every Monday    
Every Monday in February from 17:30 to 22:30 (except public holidays) · All pizza and select beers half price at Velluto·Closed Feb. 15th-17th · Tel. 0512 6275 6260 · Scan the QR to get a taxi card to Velluto · Velluto Italian Kitchen, Ligong Di IV Bldg. 6, Suzhou SIP.
2月每周一17:30-22:30(公共假期除外),在Velluto意大利餐厅点任意披萨和指定啤酒享受半价优惠。详情致电:0512 6275 6260。
Address/地址: 苏州园区李公堤4期6幢Velluto意大利餐厅
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