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    Sporting Events
    District: Other
    Synopsis: June 24th at 17:00. 15KM (climbing 1100m) & 7KM (climbing 500m) cross-country race at the Qionglong Shan Scenic Zone. Starting & finishing point: the north gate of Qionglong Shan Scenic Zone. 15KM registration limited to 200 people and 7KM registration limited to 300 people between 16 and 70 years old. Visit the Chinese registration website through June 10th for registration and further de...[ Read more ]
    District: Other
    Synopsis: June 18th at 08:30. 2017 UltraS Qidong Triathlon at Yuantuojiao Scenic Spot. Registration is limited to  people above 18 years old. Visit the Chinese website through May 31st for registration and further details (early bird price through May 15th). Tel. 021 6268 8055 (CN). Event location: Yuantuojiao Scenic Spot, the Intersection of Linlian Lu and Haiyin Xian, Qidong, Jiangsu Province. ...[ Read more ]
    District: Other
    Synopsis: Jianyu Kayak Club 剑鱼皮划艇俱乐部 Jianyu Kayak Club was founded in 2009. It was located at Jinji Hu lakeside before, and in 2012 moved to Shihu Scenic Zone. The club has more than 60 kayaks, various types. They offer kayaking, training courses, float trips and team-building activities. There is a club for children, and the club has kayaks on sale, too. Call 1377 173 5276 (EN&CN) for details and pri...[ Read more ]
    District: SIP
    Synopsis: The Dushu Lake basketball,football,squash, badminton,and table tennis clubs are all accepting new members now. Dushu Lake Sports Development Centre, 1 Cuiwei Jie, Suzhou SIP (go along Jinjihu Dadao to Chexie Lu and walk South). Call 0512 6260 2324 (CN) or visit the Chinese website for details.   独墅湖现有篮球、足球、壁球、羽毛球、乒乓球、网球等等很多俱乐部,欢迎大家来参加. Address/地址:苏州园区翠薇街1号独墅湖体育发...[ Read more ]
    District: city
    Synopsis: Join the Suzhou kennel of the Hash House Harriers. For those not familiar with the club; the Hash House Harriers are a loosely-organized group of adults who meet regularly, or semi-regularly, to play a game based on the principle of Hare and Hounds (or a Paper Chase).  The Hash House Harriers, started by British expats in Malaysia in the 1930s, is a running club with chapters in mos...[ Read more ]
    District: SIP
    Synopsis: Weekend Road Biking Every Saturday and Sunday morning at 08:00. Suzhou Riders' take road bike rides around Suzhou. Long rides on Saturdays and social rides on Sundays. Free of charge. Helmets necessary. Contact: Meeting point: Starbucks, 88 Zhongxin Dadao Xi, Suzhou SIP. 每周六及每周日08:00,单车苏州游。周六长途骑行,周日社交骑行。免费参加。请自备头盔。详情电邮至。 集合地点:苏州园区中新大道西88号星巴克咖啡 &nb...[ Read more ]
    District: SIP
    Synopsis: Peninsula cross-country orienteering race at Lotus Pond Wetlands Park. Chinese traditional cardboard tearing for winners; tear off others’ cardboard name tags as you passd them by in order to win. Open race at the appointed time; minimum of 20 people needed. Entrance is 50 RMB/person. Call 1586 232 5622 (CN) for registration. Meeting point is the corner of Lianchihu Lu and Wanyue Lu, Yangc...[ Read more ]
    District: SIP
    Synopsis: Riding at Taihu Lake Horseback riding today and every day at the Taihu Lake Xi Shan Country Club. Call 0512 6637 7050 (CN) for details or 1337 218 3773 (Ms Ma) for details or  visit Country Club, Piaomiao Village, Xishan Island, Taihu Lake.   骑马去 Address/地址:苏州太湖西山岛消夏湾...[ Read more ]
    District: City
    Synopsis: Bike around Yang Cheng Hu island in SIP on the bicycle path that stretches 17.8 km long in a full circle around the edge of the island. With a 3.5 km portion of the ride on the water, photos of this scenic ride speak for itself.  园区阳澄湖半岛的自动车自行车道总长17.8公里,整个自从车道环岛而建,其中3.5公里位于水上。美丽的风景无需更多的赞美。   While there is no specific address with the bike trail being located around the entire islan...[ Read more ]
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