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    Tourist Spots
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Baima Jian Park and Dragon Pond | 白马涧龙池风景区
    Keywords: southwest of Fengqiao Jiedao,11,200 square meters,More than 100 thousand tulips
    Description: Baima Jian Park and Dragon Pond scenic spot are located southwest of Fengqiao Jiedao, Suzhou SND and have an area of 7 square kilometers. Baima Jian is the field where the Chinese king of Wu kept hors...
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    [ Changshu -- Jiangsu ]
    Baoyan | 宝岩
    Keywords: Baoyan, 宝岩, Baoyan Temple, Waxberry Guangchang, Yushan Ecological Science Museum, Liancheng Shibi Square
    Description: Baoyan, located on Yushan Nan Lu, in Changshu, covers an area of 2 square kilometres. It is surrounded by mountains and lakes and is known for its fresh air. The Baoyan temple is surrounded by bamboo ...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Bird and Flower Market | 皮市街花鸟市场
    Keywords: Flowers, bonsai, fish, birds, chinaware, jade articles, antiques | |花卉盆景、观赏鱼、鸟、红木小件、瓷器根雕、观赏石、玉器挂件、各类古玩等
    Description: The Pishi Jie bird and flower market is the largest and best-known open-air market of its kind in the greater Suzhou area. It is the place to go to buy potted plants, seeds, flowers and also has a wid...
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    [ Changshu -- Jiangsu ]
    Changshu Shang Lake Scenic Zone | 常熟尚湖景区
    Keywords: western Changshu,the National 5A Scenic Spot,42 square kilometers,the most tourism festivals in Jiangnan
    Description: Shang Lake Scenic Zone is located in western Changshu and it is the National 5A Scenic Spot. The total area is 42 square kilometers and the forest area is 1260 hectares. Its forest coverage rate reach...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Confucian Temple | 苏州文庙
    Keywords: Dacheng palace, Dacheng Palace tablet, Lingxing Men, Confucius, Confucian temple |大成殿、“大成殿”门匾、棂星门
    Description: The Confucian Temple was established in Suzhou during the Song Dynasty. It became famous throughout the region for scholarly study. During these times, notable happenings were recorded on the stone ta...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Da Yangshan Botanical Garden | 大阳山植物园
    Keywords: 111 hectares,two sections respectively,Orchard Fruits, Calamus Teahouse, Yangshan Poetry Gallery and Science Museum, etc..
    Description: Jiangsu Da Yangshan National Forest Park Botanical Garden is located in the southern foothills of Yangshan in Suzhou SND. Not only does it have a natural scenic style but also a long history of human ...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Daoist Temple | 苏州玄妙观
    Keywords: Daoist temple, Daoism, Daoist temple music performances, Feiba performances, 玄妙十景、道教音乐、飞钹绝技
    Description: This temple is located in central Suzhou in the old town, right in the middle of the Guanqian Jie pedestrian zone “到苏州不可不去观前街,到观前亦不可不去玄妙观”。千年古观玄妙观座落在苏州古城中心,始建于西晋咸宁二年,据说这里曾是吴王阖闾的故宫,历经千年兴衰,公元一九九九年,玄...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Dongdu Yuan Scenic Area, ZhangJia Gang City | 张家港东渡苑景区
    Keywords: Jianzhen monument, Shibei pavilion, Jingzhuang pavilion, Dongdu Bridge, Dongdu boat, Luyuan ancient culture gallery | 鉴真纪念馆、诗碑亭、经幢亭、东渡桥、东渡古船、鹿苑古文化长廊
    Description: This park is a memorial to the Japan-traveller Tang Dynasty monk Jian Zhen and includes a museum, as well. 张家港市东渡苑位于塘桥镇北,始建于1994年8月。占地面积275亩,是为纪念唐高僧鉴真第六次扬帆东渡成功抵达日本而建造...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Dushu Lake | 独墅湖
    Keywords: Egret Park, Dushu Lake Church, Suzhou University Dushu Lake Campus, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, University of Science & Technology Research Institute of Suzhou China 白鹭园, 独墅湖教堂
    Description: Dushu Lake is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, south of Jinji Lake and with an area of 11.52 square kilometers, is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Suzhou. The lake itself was formed by a sev...
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