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    Tourist Spots
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    East Garden (part of Lotus Garden) | 苏州东园
    Keywords: Modern park with views of mountain and water, yacht quay, amusement area | 以山水为主景观的新型现代园林、游艇码头、游乐区
    Description: Suzhou's East Garden is well-known worldwide as it inspired the 1979 replica Chinese-styled garden “Mingxuan” now located in the New York Metropolitan Museum. 东园的建筑和景观大致可分为东西二部。西部主要以“涵碧楼”为主景。它悬山...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Fangta Garden, Changshu City | 常熟方塔公园
    Keywords: Attractions in Changshu, Square Tower, Song Dynasty architecture, Changshu Parks | 常熟方塔、碑刻博物馆、名人馆
    Description: Fangta Garden is located on the east side of Changshu Old Town. The Chinese name of Fangta Garden literally translates as “the Garden of the Square Tower”. It got its name from the Buddhist tower buil...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Ferris Wheel Park | 苏州摩天轮主题公园
    Keywords: Ferris wheel, roller coaster, 4D cinema, disco, carousel, go-kart | 摩天轮、悬挂式过山车、4D动感影院、动感迪斯科、旋转木马、跑跑卡丁车
    Description: The Ferris Wheel Park is located on the east side of Jinji Hu lake, across from the Times Square shopping district 位于苏州园区现代休闲广场南侧、金鸡湖边的摩天轮高120米,是目前世界最大的水上摩天轮。整个摩天轮主题公园占地3万多平方米,总投资2.8亿元。号称“游乐园三宝”的摩天轮、...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Five Peaks Garden | 五峰园
    Keywords: Five Peaks Garden, Ming Dynasty architecture, Suzhou gardens | 五座太湖石峰,又名五老峰,分别为“丈人峰”、“观音峰”、“三老峰”、“庆云峰”及“擎云峰”
    Description: Five Peaks Garden is one of the more famous gardens in Suzhou and boasts a grounded boat house, rockeries with caves, and of course, five peaks. 五峰园是众多苏州园林中较为著名的园林之一。五峰园的园景是秀丽的,从弄内正门进入,循西北端的回廊,可达船舫名...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Forest Animal World | 上方山森林动物世界 [SND]
    Keywords: 67 hectares with more than 1000 animals,100 species including white tigers, pumas, Asian elephants, black bears, hornbills, toucans and more
    Description: Shangfang Shan Forest Animal World is now open. There are 67 hectares with more than 1000 animals and 100 species including white tigers, pumas, Asian elephants, black bears, hornbills, toucans and mo...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Forest Town | 苏州乐园森林小镇
    Keywords: Suzhou Amusement Land's Forest Town and Forest Waterworld are located at the same place - Dayang Mountain.
    Description: Suzhou Amusement Land's Forest Town and Forest Waterworld are located at the same place - Dayang Mountain....
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Forest Waterworld | 苏州乐园森林水世界
    Keywords: 4 forest themed areas, 13 water entertainment items, as well as forest themed restaurants, shops and more.
    Description: Suzhou Amusement Land's Forest Waterworld is located at the Dayang Mountain and next to Suzhou Da Yangshan National Forest Park....
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Former Residence of Tang Yin | 唐寅故居
    Keywords: Beautiful scenery, Suzhou gardens, Suzhou heritage conservation site |水阁,临池而建,颇具风致特色。池畔绿树荫翳,宛转鸟语,醉人花香,环境清雅绝俗。
    Description: The Former Residence of Tang Yin (Baohua Monastery), also known as the Wenchang Pavilion, is located at 13 Shuang Hehuachi. It was classified as a Suzhou heritage conservation site in 1982. Taohua An’...
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    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    Garden of A Half | 半园
    Keywords: Suzhou classical gardens, Garden of a Half, Yu Yue poetry, Qing Dynasty architecture | 因园仅占地一隅,造园时在“半”字上做文章,建筑多以“半”为特色,小巧玲珑.
    Description: This garden features architecture characterized by “half”, with a half bridge and half pavilion and even a library with two and a half stories. 全园布局以狭长水池为中心,周围环以旱船、四面厅,水榭,半亭等建筑,建筑多以“半”为特点,半桥、半亭、半榭等。...
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