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    Tourist Spots >> Lingering Garden | 苏州留园
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    update: 10/24/2017
    Suzhou classical gardens, Ming Dynasty garden, Ming architecture, Chinese music performances, fish fossils / 留园三绝:冠云峰、楠木殿、鱼化石。
    Built in 1566, the Lingering Garden is a classic example of Ming Dynasty private garden style. Its most famous feature is the Cloud-Crowned Peak. It is listed as one of Suzhou’s four most famous gardens.
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    The Lingering Garden is one of the most famous Chinese classical gardens. Located in Suzhou old town, the Lingering Garden is famous for its exquisitely arranged buildings and rockery. The Lingering Garden, the Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Summer Palace in Beijing and the Mountain Resort in Chengde are the four most famous gardens in China. The Lingering Garden is centered around a pond. On the north shore of the pond there is a rockery and a pavilion. The whole garden is divided into four parts so that people can experience four different types of scenery (landscape, pastoral, forest and garden) in one garden. The center part is known for its water features and is the essence of the whole Lingering Garden. The east part is filled with corridors and buildings. There are three stone peaks inside the courtyard. The north part is the pastoral part and features a bonsai garden. The west part is the highest point of the whole Lingering Garden and is famous for its rockery. The Hanbishan Room and the Minse Building to the south of the pool are the main viewing buildings of the Lingering Garden. The Lingering Garden has the greatest number of building structures of all the gardens in Suzhou. The structures consist of halls, corridors, painted walls, and archways together with rockery, pools, flowers and trees combine into dozens of different miniature gardens. The utilization of space is evidence of the superb artistry of those who built the garden.  

    Special points of interest: Guanyun Peak, Nanmu Palace, fish fossils. In the summer months there are traditional Chinese instrument performances held throughout the garden.

    Opening hours and admission fees
    Opening hours: March 21st to October 31st 07:30-17:00; November 1st to March 20th 07:30-16:30
    Admission: peak season 55 RMB/person (April, May, July, August, September, October); off season 45 RMB per person (January, February, March, June, November, December)
    Special points of interest
    Guanyun Peak, Nanmu Palace, fish fossils. In the summer months there are traditional Chinese instrument performances held throughout the garden.
     Limited access
    Address, phone/contact person
    Lingering Garden, 338 Liuyuan Lu, Suzhou
    Tel: 0512 6533 7903 (CN)
    开放时间:3月21日-10月31日 07:30-17:00;11月1日-3月20日 07:30-16:30
    电话:0512 6533 7903


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