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    Tourist Spots >> Five Peaks Garden | 五峰园
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    update: 3/3/2017
    Five Peaks Garden, Ming Dynasty architecture, Suzhou gardens | 五座太湖石峰,又名五老峰,分别为“丈人峰”、“观音峰”、“三老峰”、“庆云峰”及“擎云峰”
    Five Peaks Garden is one of the more famous gardens in Suzhou and boasts a grounded boat house, rockeries with caves, and of course, five peaks. 五峰园是众多苏州园林中较为著名的园林之一。五峰园的园景是秀丽的,从弄内正门进入,循西北端的回廊,可达船舫名“柱石轩”。此轩设计精巧,独具一格,它是陆地上矗起形似船舫的轩屋,俗称旱船。往东,为园中主厅五峰山房,室内宏敞气概,布置精雅得体。
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    Five Peaks Garden is one of the more famous gardens in Suzhou. Entering from the front gate, following the corridor, there is a boat house called Zhushi Xuan. The unique house is built in the shape of a boat. To the east there is the main hall called the Five Peaks Building. It’s spacious and exquisitely decorated. To the south of the hall there is a small pond. The rockery in front of the hall dates back to Ming Dynasty. There are cliffs, canyons, bridges, trees and flowers among the rockery. Visitors can climb the top of the peak to get an overview of the whole garden by following the cave in the south-east corner of the rockery. To the west of the pool there are mounds and trees and some more rockery. On top of one of the mounds there is a pavilion called Liuyi Pavilion. It is rumored that a famous Chinese opera character named Liuyi from Tang Dynasty is buried underneath the pavilion. There is still a statue of Liuyi inside the pavilion.
    Opening hours and admission fees
    Opening hours: 07:30-17:00
    Admission: free of charge
    Special points of interest
    Five famous peaks, caves in the rockery 
    Address, phone / contact person:
    Five Peaks Garden, 47 Changmen Xi Jie, Suzhou
    Tel. 0512 6727 5866 (CN)
    五峰园是众多苏州园林中较为著名的园林之一。五峰园的园景是秀丽的,从弄内正门进入,循西北端的回廊,可达船舫名“柱石轩”。此轩设计精巧,独具一格,它是陆地上矗起形似船舫的轩屋,俗称旱船。往东,为园中主厅五峰山房,室内宏敞气概,布置精雅得体。厅南有清莹小池,天光云影,拉开人们的视野。厅前面对一座蜿蜒峻拔的假山,全用湖石砌筑 ,系明代旧物,为文伯仁精心辟划的珍品。假山间有峭壁、峡谷、石桥、石梁,古树参天,花木掩映,五峰错落耸峙。东南角看似隐蔽,但往下却隐藏着一处弯曲多姿的石洞。出洞后豁然开朗,由此可攀登峰顶,纵览全园景色。池西有土岗隆起,绿荫拥簇,湖石环绕,山巅起亭名柳毅亭,其下土阜,相传为唐代的柳毅墓。亭内,昔日供奉柳毅神像。
    电话:0512 6727 5866


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