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    Tourist Spots >> Garden of Herbs | 艺圃
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    update: 3/7/2017
    Ming Dynasty Gardens, Qing Dynasty Garden, Suzhou classical gardens, Yu Ou pond, Xiang Yue gallery, mountain scenic zone. | 浴鸥池、响月廊、山林景区
    The Garden of Herbs is a very quiet garden with two ponds and done in traditional Ming and Qing Dynasty style. 艺圃位于苏州古城西北阊门吴趋坊的文衙弄,位于小街深巷之中,环境幽静,园景开朗,风格质朴,全园有地仅为五亩,以约占五分之一的池水为中心。水面集中,其东南及西南两角,各有水湾伸出,并于水口之上各架形制不同的石板桥一座,故而水面显得开阔流动,绝无拥塞局促之感。
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    The Garden of Herbs is located in Wenya Nong inside the Changmen Gate in the northwest corner of Suzhou old town. The garden is inconspicuously hidden deep in the alley. It covers an area of merely 5 acres and is centered on a pond which takes up 20% of the area of the entire garden. There are inlets connecting the pond in the southeast and southwest corners. The two stone bridges above the two inlets makes the water seem more open and flowing. Most of the buildings are to the north of the pond. The main hall of the garden is called Boya Hall. South of the hall there are a courtyard and water pavilions connecting the rooms in the wings. South of the pond there is some rockery and trees. The pond, the stone path and the rockery are done in the common style of gardens built in the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. West of the pond there is another small courtyard, inside which there is an even smaller pond that flows into the big pond. This is the only garden with two ponds in Suzhou. In addition to the small pond, there are some flowers and trees inside the small courtyard. It is the quietest place inside the whole garden.
    Opening hours and admission fees
    Opening hours: 07:30-17:00 (no admission after 16:30)
    Admission: 10 RMB per person
    Special points of interest
    Yu Ou pond, Xiang Yue gallery, mountain scenic zone
    Address, phone/contact person
    Garden of Herbs, 5 Wenya Nong, Pingjiang District, Suzhou
    Tel0512 6727 1614 (CN)
    电话:0512 6727 1614


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