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Location >>Tourist Spots >> Jie Guanting Boat Trips | 接官厅画舫游
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    Tourist Spots >> Jie Guanting Boat Trips | 接官厅画舫游
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    update: 3/8/2017
    Suzhou parks, Suzhou tourist attractions, “Ming Bu Neng Wang” monumental archway.| “民不能忘”牌坊
    Jie Guanting was the original reception area for ancient Suzhou local and visiting foreign government officials and is now a public park featuring the “Ming Bu Neng Wang” monumental archway 接官厅,是古代苏州地方政府接待上级和外来官员的场所。1684年,汤斌出任江苏巡抚,因勤政爱民、生活简朴而受到苏州百姓的欢迎。
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    Jie Guanting, located inside the Maple Bridge Scenic Zone, was the original reception area for ancient Suzhou local and visiting foreign government officials. A park was built around the original site and the ancient monumental archway. The archway was later destroyed and rebuilt during the Cultural Revolution and renamed 'China Mustn't Forget'. It is one of the main sights in Jie Guanting. Tourist boats that tour the canals depart from Jie Guanting. There are two kinds of vessels for tourists to choose from: 30-seat boats and 50 seaters. Both types charge 30 RMB/person for the 15-min tour in the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal around the Maple Bridge Scenic Zone (round trip). There are discounts for group tickets (more than 16 people). Call 0512 6557 5100 (CN) to book group tickets.
    Opening hours and admission fees
    Maple Bridge Scenic Zone opening time: 07:30-17:30
    Maple Bridge Scenic Zone tickets: 25 RMB (including Jie Guanting admission and no tickets sale at Jie Guanting)
    Special points of interest
    “Ming Bu Neng Wang” monumental archway
    Jieguanting Park, Xumen Lu, Suzhou
    接官厅,位于苏州市枫桥景区内,是古代苏州地方政府接待上级和外来官员的场所。1684年,汤斌出任江苏巡抚,因勤政爱民、生活简朴而受到苏州百姓的欢迎。两年后,他升为礼部尚书,离任之日,苏州百姓罢市三日,天天争相哭送。后来,为了纪念他的功绩,苏州百姓便在这里竖起了“民不能忘”牌坊。它也成了苏城到任官员的第一堂廉政教育课。“文革”期间,牌坊遭拆除,现重修再次竖立在胥门接官厅旁。有两种从接官厅出发的游船供游客选择,30个座位或50个座位。票价均为30元/人。游船在京杭大运河内行驶约15分钟,围绕枫桥景区一圈。团队订票不少于16人,价格优惠。团队订票电话:0512 6557 5100.
    枫桥景区门票:25元 (凭景区门票进入接官厅)


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