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Location >>Tourist Spots >> Jing Si Yuan | 静思园
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    Tourist Spots >> Jing Si Yuan | 静思园
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    update: 2/21/2017
    Suzhou gardens, Qinyun Peak, Suzhou rock collection | 庆云峰、水景区、静思禅院、明清宅第区、奇石展览馆
    Jingsi Garden (Quietest Reflection Garden) is a state-level AAAA scenic area located about 3km away from the ancient water town of Tongli. It is a private garden, owned by entrepreneur Mr. Chen Jingen and open to the public. 静思园位于苏州同里古镇往西3公里处,占地一百多亩。园中建筑小巧别致,有鹤亭桥、小垂虹、静远堂、天香书屋、庞山草堂、苏门砖雕和盆景园、历代科学家碑廊、咏石诗廊等景点。园中建筑沿袭苏州古典园林文脉。
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    Jingsi Garden (Quietest Reflection Garden) is a state-level AAAA scenic area located about 3km away from the ancient water town of Tongli. It is the private garden of the entrepreneur Mr. Chen Jingen. Construction started in 1993, and the park opened in 2003. The title "Jingsi" means serenity and speculation. In Jingsi Garden you will find winding bridges and corridors, lakes and mountains, pavilions, marble boats, rockeries and stones. There are quite a few scenic spots including the Crane Pavilion Bridge, the Mini-Rainbow Bridge, the Jingyuan Hall, the Peony Study, the Pangshan Hall, the Suzhou Brick Engraving, the Bonsai Garden, and the Steel Corridor. A large number of precious Lingbi stones are displayed in the Stone Hall, which covers more than 600 square metres. "Qingyun Peak" is purported to be the largest Lingbi Stone in the world.

    Admission fees and opening hours
    Opening time: 08:00-17:00
    Ticket for adults: 70 RMB per person
    Ticket for children: half price (from 1.2 to 1.4 meters) and free of charge for children under 1.2 meters
    Special points of interest
    Qinyun Peak and the rock exhibition in Stone Hall are particularly renowned.
    Address, phone/contact person
    Jingsi Garden, 919 Yunli Lu, Suzhou Wujiang District
    Tel: 0512 6343 9118 (CN) or 0512 6343 9000 (CN)


    电话:0512 6343 91180512 6343 9000



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