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    Tourist Spots >> Joyous Garden | 怡园
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    update: 3/13/2017
    Suzhou gardens, Suzhou heritage conservation sites, Qing dynasty architecture | 玉延亭、四时潇洒亭、坡仙琴馆(石听琴室)、拜石轩(岁寒草庐)、玉虹亭
    Built one hundred years ago, the Joyous Garden (Yi Yuan) is the newest in Suzhou. It has taken the best of all other gardens and condensed them into one acre.怡园位于人民路原43号(现1265号),现有面积6270平方米,怡园为清光绪年间所建,园分东、西两部分,园西旧为祠堂,园南可通住宅。因建园较晚,吸收了诸园所长,如复廊、鸳鸯厅、假山、石舫等。1963年被列为苏州市文物保护单位,1982年被列为江苏省文物保护单位
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    Built one hundred years ago, the Joyous Garden (Yi Yuan) is the newest in Suzhou. It has taken the best of all other gardens and condensed them into one acre. The garden covers an area of 6,270 square meters and is located at what used to be 343 Renmin Lu (now 1265 Renmin Lu). It was built in the Emperor Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. The garden can be divided into the east part and the west part. Because the garden was built relatively late in history, it features all the highlights of the other Suzhou gardens and has a gallery, Yinyang hall, rockery, stone boat, etc. It was listed as a heritage conservation site in Suzhou in 1963 and also in Jiangsu Province in 1982. In the north of the garden there is a small gatehouse rich with detail. In front of the gatehouse there are two stone lions guarding the gate. There are Lanyi Pavilion, Qingqing Garden, Liangdong Pavilion, Lvzi Zhai, Shiwo Hall, Jingzhi Ge, Zuishi Xuan, and more, each part unique. A small spring called Fanquan’s Water comes from the north bringing moisture and vitality to the whole garden.
    Opening hours and admission fees
    Opening hours: 07:30-17:00 (no admission after 16:30)
    Admission: 15 RMB/person, free of charge for children under 1.2 meters
    Special points of interest
    Pavilions, galleries, stone rockeries and more
    Address, phone/contact person
    Joyous Garden, 1265 Renmin Lu, Suzhou
    Tel: 0512 6524 9317 (CN)
    电话:0512 6524 9317


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