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    Tourist Spots >> Daoist Temple | 苏州玄妙观
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    update: 3/3/2017
    Daoist temple, Daoism, Daoist temple music performances, Feiba performances, 玄妙十景、道教音乐、飞钹绝技
    This temple is located in central Suzhou in the old town, right in the middle of the Guanqian Jie pedestrian zone “到苏州不可不去观前街,到观前亦不可不去玄妙观”。千年古观玄妙观座落在苏州古城中心,始建于西晋咸宁二年,据说这里曾是吴王阖闾的故宫,历经千年兴衰,公元一九九九年,玄妙观进行了大规模的修复整治。
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    Located in central Suzhou in the old town pedestrian zone, the temple was built on what was formerly the site of the residence of King Helu, the founder of Suzhou city. It was named a Daoist Temple in 1295. The main attraction is the Hall of Three Purities. The pedestrian Guanqian Street shopping zone fronts the temple so it’s a fun place to walk around. 
    Opening hours and admission fees
    Open hours: 07:30-17:00
    Admission: 10 RMB per person, children under 1.2m and OAP above 70 (including 70) years old free of charge
    Special points of interest
    Monks chanting and traditional Daoist music performances, Feiba performances
    Address, phone / contact person:
    94 Guanqian Jie, Suzhou City
    Tel: 0512 6727 6616 (CN)
    “到苏州不可不去观前街,到观前亦不可不去玄妙观”。千年古观玄妙观座落在苏州古城中心,始建于西晋咸宁二年,据说这里曾是吴王阖闾的故宫,历经千年兴衰,公元一九九九年,玄妙观进行了大规模的修复整治。姑苏第一街——观前因地处玄妙观前而得名,观前街经整治更新后,正逐渐成为商业繁荣,街景优美、交通便捷的商业、文化、饮食、和旅游中心。玄妙观和观前街相得益彰,也正以其悠久的历史,深厚的道教文化,众多的文物古迹,成为苏州著名旅游景点 。
    票价:10元, 1.2米以下儿童及70岁以上(含70岁)老人免费
    电话:0512 6727 6616


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