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Location >>Tourist Spots >> Dongdu Yuan Scenic Area, ZhangJia Gang City | 张家港东渡苑景区
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    Tourist Spots >> Dongdu Yuan Scenic Area, ZhangJia Gang City | 张家港东渡苑景区
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    update: 2/19/2017
    Jianzhen monument, Shibei pavilion, Jingzhuang pavilion, Dongdu Bridge, Dongdu boat, Luyuan ancient culture gallery | 鉴真纪念馆、诗碑亭、经幢亭、东渡桥、东渡古船、鹿苑古文化长廊
    This park is a memorial to the Japan-traveller Tang Dynasty monk Jian Zhen and includes a museum, as well. 张家港市东渡苑位于塘桥镇北,始建于1994年8月。占地面积275亩,是为纪念唐高僧鉴真第六次扬帆东渡成功抵达日本而建造
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    Dongdu Yuan in Zhangjia Gang is located north of Tangqiao, near Suzhou. It was built in August 1994. It covers an area of 275 acres. The site is a memorial to the eminent monk Jian Zhen in Tang Dynasty in honor of his multiple trips to Japan. The main building is the Jian Zhen Memorial Museum with the name of the building written in calligraphy by Mr. Zhao Puchu. A bronze statue of Master Jian Zhen is inside the museum. There is also a giant wooden screen withcalligraphy done by the president of the China-Japan Friendship Association, Mr. Sun Pinghua. Along the corridors there are some more wooden screens engraved with Jian Zhen’s story. A pavilion was built in 1963 in the west of the compound honoring the 1200th anniversary of Master Jian Zhen’s death. There is a Tang styled arched stone bridge to the east of the pavilion. The bridge is engraved with ancient poetriy written by famous Chinese poets about Jian Zhen. The site is categorized as a China National AAA Level scenic spot. It is also the filming site of the CCTV TV program about the Jian Zhen. Dongdu Yuan has become a very important place in the cultural exchanges between China and Japan. 

    Opening hours and admission fees
    Opening hours: 08:00-12:00; 13:00-16:30
    Admission: free of charge 

    Special points of interest
    Jian Zhen Memorial Museum, Shibei Pavilion, Jingzhuang Pavilion, Dongdu Bridge, Dongdu Boat, Luyuan ancient culture gallery.

    Address, phone / contact person
    Dongdu Yuan Scenic Area, 204 Guodao, 338 Shengdao Jiaohuichu, Luyuan Zhen, Zhangjia Gang
    Tel: 0512 5811 2400 (Chinese)

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    开放时间:08:00-12:00; 13:00-16:30


    电话:0512 5811 2400



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